Wednesday, November 03, 2010

it doesn't get any cuter than this!

dear corbin.

how in the world did i get so lucky to be your mommy? seriously i love you with every bone in my body. deep deep down in my soul.
i could stare at you all day long and just be amazed at how perfect you are. how you are so sweet and smart and handsome.
i love when you run around in a diaper and i can stare at your adorably pudgy belly. and when you get on your knees and drive trucks around all morning and i wish with all of my might that i could know what you're imagining, even for just a minute! i love the way your face lights up and you run sillily towards me when i ask you for a hug and i scoop you up and you lay that curly head of your on my shoulder.
and how {for the most part} you are such an easy going little guy who just loves to play and read books and explore this big world around you. i love how much you adore your daddy and how he is the only one who can get the throw your head back belly laughs out of you.
its true what they say about not being able to imagine your life before your kids. you are my everything. and i love you more than scooby loves snacks. forever and ever.
i'm submitting this little ditty to the cutest kid contest hosted by unexpected surprises and freckles and fudge because in my eyes there is no cuter kid out there!

and if you see things the way i see em' feel free to click HERE and vote for corbin to win! {until his picture is up you can just enter his name in the OTHER section and vote!}


  1. i love his hair in the last one, especially!

  2. Man oh man, I love me some Corbin.

  3. these are so cute and i'm loving your new banner. it's perfect!


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