Sunday, November 07, 2010

caspar babypants!

saturday we "stepped out" to a local library for a super fun concert by caspar babypants! and if that guy kinda sorta looks familiar its because he was the lead singer of the presidents of the united states of america! i have been wanting to go to one of his shows since corbin was like six months old so i was so excited to actually be able to finally have all of our schedules clear on the day of the show! corbin danced around with the other kids and sat on my lap for some snacks! it was so much fun and we will for sure be going to another one because, hello, they are FREE! {and because we didnt have any cash on us to get a signed copy of his cd! AND because my camera battery was dead and these are all crappy iphone pictures!}
so i also wanted to link up to mandy's steppin' out saturday!

i wore:  
jacket-thrifted {aeropostale}
jeans-american eagle {slouchy skinny}
shoes-bought in thailand by my sister-in-law
{yes im still wearing sandals! i HATE shoes!}

corbin wore:
shirt, jeans, and shoes-baby gap    
jacket-vintage {it was his daddy's}

dad wore:
shirt and jeans-american eagle
corbin fell asleep afterwards five minutes from home so while dad went inside to watch the husky football game, i reclined the passenger seat and napped with him for an hour and a half! it cracks me up that he held on strong to his sippy the whole time!
 the rest of our saturday was spend being lazy around the house. playing with trucks and reading books and eating junk food!


  1. love your outfit! and that looks like so much fun - i used to love the presidents! corbin snoozing in his car seat is all too adorable. love that kid! oh and your blog banner is awesome! :D xoxoxo!

  2. A-men to hating shoes. There literally had to be snow on the ground for me to ditch my sandals! Having my feet closed in makes me all uncomfortable and antsy.

  3. The Presidents of the United States of America? As in "singers of the peaches song??" THAT IS SO AWESOME. Except now I'm going to have the peaches song stuck in my head all day. Week. Month. It looks super fun and you and the little man look super cute!!

  4. Just popped over from Mandy's SOS. I'm loving Corby's little cardigan. How adorable that he is wearing Daddy's one. And sandals - very cute!

  5. oh man, i totally sit in the car when wyatt falls asleep too. i usually just play on my phone the whole time though.

  6. Your header is SO cute! I love it. And, you look so lovely! That Saturday looks so fun.

  7. I love free events for the kiddos!! Looks like fun!

    Love your outfits, especially his little vintage jacket!

  8. i cannot believe that the lead singer for POT USA does kid's shows! that's awesome. you are so cute jill! i love how tightly corbin is hanging on to his sippy cup. fun post :)

  9. How awesome that you have some of your husband's old clothes for Corbin! SO wishing my mom had saved some of mine. Cute pix!

  10. loving your jacket and p.s your baby boy has the CUTEST hair!

  11. sad- i wanted to go so bad, but with everything else going on this weekend i couldn't talk tim into it :(
    i love your new blog look!

  12. i love your outfit too! and i'm always super jealous of your hair. caspar babypants is an awesome kid band name. looks like a good time! i always wanted to see Ralph's World while we lived in chicago, his songs are pretty good too. of course, we didn't have henry then so it would have been me and garrison and the kids i nannyed...which would have been kinda weird anyway :)

  13. You guys are so cute! And the new banner kicks ace ;o)


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