Tuesday, November 30, 2010

black and white!

corbin and i were playing in the rain today on our walk to the mailbox and i snapped this pic of him looking curiously at a truck leaving its driveway. i adore this kid!
The Paper Mama

Saturday, November 27, 2010

our week in iphone pictures. {week two}

we were busy running errands. i went to the craft store to work on a little sumthin sumthin for christmas presents this year while the boys went down the road and got gas then came back and played in the car until i was done. then we went to lunch at taco del mar and shopping at home depot for some shelving. corbin LOVES to push the carts! and DOES NOT LOVE wearing santa hats for pictures!
cousin jaden came over so we could make gingerbread cookies and have a wiggly dance party in the living room!
they turned out so chewy and delicious!
and before bed an eggnog mustached corbin watched elf {only the best christmas movie EVER} with his mommy and daddy! (take that comcast on demand for trying to charge us $2.99 to watch this movie when its on tbs like every day now!)
corbin helped with breakfast as usual. except today was different because i woke up frantically yelling to ryan, "you're late for work!!!" and he surprised me with the whole week off!
celery flavored waffles corbin? no thanks. lets find the blueberries instead.
oh, and monday morning was a little less than normal too because we woke up to THIS!!! i was so thankful i didnt have to worry about ryan driving in this crap, especially because his job only consists of driving! and that the three of us were able to all be cozy inside!
we had to rearrange some furniture because corbin was so in awe of the fluffy white stuff! and after breakfast we bundled up and went outside so he could play in it for the first time! which he LOVED!
mmmmm....eggnog and homemade gingerbread cookies for breakfast! and MORE SNOW!!!
 bathtime baby!!!
i know, i know. i thought this week was going to be more exciting too but the snow kept us home every day! so you get pictures of corbin in the tub and sleeping in the sweetest position a baby can sleep in!
and of him laying on the floor watching the wiggles while i clean up!
was thanksgiving!!! this was corbins face watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
he loved it!
corbin magically transformed into ace ventura!
and we put some new sheets on his bed that were his dads when he was little!
{heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!}
ps. corbin is obssesed with reading books.
and that was our week!
you should link up your week in cell phone pictures too! even if you only have one! DO IT!

Friday, November 26, 2010

flashback friday! {and thanksgiving}

the three of us had the best day celebrating thanksgiving with all our families! we spent the morning watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade. corbin loved it! and kept saying, "woooah" and, "woooow" and, "up, up" everytime he would see a blimp. i think his favorite was spider man!

once we were all ready we headed out to my moms. she lives right on puget sound and her view is amazing, epecially when its not totally grey outside! corbin also LOVED the food this year too. last thanksgiving we was just a tiny little three month old so there was no turkey for him! this year he scarfed down tons of turkey and sweet potatoes and stuffing and jellied cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

aw, look what a tiny little baby he was last year. and what a little boy he looks like now!!!
cousin jaden and corbin playing scrabble.
grammy bought corbin a whole bag of mega blocks and some monster trucks for him to play with!
and cousin demarcus tried to show corbin how to juggle!
on the way home corbin had a nice little nap and woke up just in time to hang out with ryan's side of the family. they had already ate but we hung out and ate dessert, looked at black friday ads from the paper, and played games!

and now we're on to christmas with a pretty big to do list. go hunt down the perfect christmas tree. put up decorations (i've already hung our stockings). pictures with santa. ride the santa train. zoolights. and snowflake lane (my all time FAVORITE!).

Thursday, November 25, 2010


{we made these little turkeys last night to give to the grandmas for all their work cooking today!}

here are a list of things i think corbin would be thankful for if only he could tell me that sorta thing.

family that loves and adores him
the wiggles
mama snuggles
laughing at his silly dad
any toy with wheels
bath time bubbles
baby friends

hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

fifteen months old.

the corbinator turned fifteen months old on the eighteenth and this has sure been a month of learning so many cool new tricks! he runs and spins and walks backwards and on his tippy toes and rolls (or his version of a roll) and tries to jump (cutest thing ever!). he can climb on the couch and kitchen chairs and the rocking chair and oh my god i go into another room for two seconds and come back and he's up on the couch jumping and looking at me so proud and i have two million mini heart attacks a day! today he actually fell off the rocker and now has a big bruise right by his ear! oy.
he's very much into putting things inside of other things. this isnt new, i just dont think i've ever written about it. the good thing about this little trick is that he PUTS HIS TOYS AWAY! sure its super slow and i can pick up the whole living room by the time he puts two toys away but he gets it! so i'll take that!
some of the new words he can say are: what?, wow!, no (pronounced nah), juice (jewzzz), elmo (nelmo), whats that (whu dat), points to everything and says that (dat), wheres dada?, choo choo, water (wa, wa), night night (nigh, nigh), my favorite new one uh-oh, and maaaaaaybe the word cracker. and when he blows kisses (his dad totally taught him this) he puts the back of his fist up to his mouth and says, "mmmm bah!"
some of his favorite things are climbing up on the computer chair and pounding on the keyboard, dancing, dino dan, sesame street (especially elmo), watching airplanes, pushing trucks all around the house, and his set of land of dragons haba blocks! oh, and climbing into things as the picture shows below and screaming at me to get him out when he gets stuck! he also laughed for the first time at something on tv and not just his dad being silly. so now he cracks up every time he watches the upside down show.
he's helpful in the kitchen! and loves being up on the counter when i make meals!
and eats pretty good for a toddler i guess. oh and his sign for 'all done' is now waving his arms over the top of his tray of food and making it fly everywhere. that or he can also just flip the tray off and the food goes everywhere too. its really awesome. i sweep at least three times a day and wish i had a dog...but not really!
{soooooo innocent.}
we took him out to eat for the first time in a long while and he loved coloring and playing with the balloon they gave him! just another sign he's getting to be a little kid rather than a baby! he showed off and was extra sweet and adorable for the old couple sitting next to us too!
we've yet to have him take his own diaper off (im sure i just jinxed myself) but he takes his sweats off often on his own and can usually get at least one arm out of his shirt. i think he just likes being naked!
i would be lying if i said tantrums dont exist in our house but i can say for sure that they dont last long and dont happen too often. he can still be easily distracted by something else that will take his mind off whatever he was throwing a fit about. and he communicates to us pretty well with a very distinct scream to tell us what he wants. like if he's hungry he'll stand by the fridge and either scream or say, "nana". if he wants you to come play with him in his room he'll do the little scream and then walk in his room hoping you follow. i've also realized that telling him, "all done" or, "all gone" or whatever helps him understand that we are now done playing with the toilet paper roll you keep taking bites of and he doesnt seem to mind when i take it away after that.
{but dont you dare take away his can of whip cream!}
he doesnt like riding in the car in the dark so we have to keep the back lights on inside the car.
corbin also really loves stacking blocks. and loves to knock them over even more. i've seen him stack up to five blocks but usually never gets higher than two or three because his urge to knock them over is too great!
and i can not say enough amazing things about how our adventures in a floor bed is going! i was never able to breath easy when i put corbin down for a nap in our bed (that we have the crib attached to) even though he knows how to safely get down i was always running in checking on him every five minutes. that or i would just end up holding him his whole nap or just let him sleep on the nursing pillow! it was getting insane! or if i wanted to stay up a little later than him at night i would always have to check on him with every peep i heard. now, i know he is safe in his room on his floor bed and dont worry about him sleeping on it at all. plus, he totally loves the thing. always running in his room and plopping down on it. he loves to read books on it and drive his little cars all over it! a big thanks to my pal rebecca over at o'baby love for all your help with the idea of a floor bed too!
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