Monday, October 04, 2010


we headed to seattle to watch the mariners last home game of the season sunday.
i think nineteen rows back is a pretty fair trade. ryan and i have sat close before but its only because we were given tickets. we would never spend the money to sit that close. left field bleachers suit us just fine. we had the whole row to ourselves so that was great too!
corbin was very curious.
he ate lunch {peanut butter and jelly sandwich and annie's chedder bunnies}!
he read books.
and watched the wiggles on dad's iphone.
he played on the ground.
ran around the stadium!
anyone sick of pictures of the back of corbins head yet? haha
and checked out the hall of fame. corbin liked the griffey case the best!
i was really impressed at how good he was the whole time. we even lasted to the seventh inning!


  1. that is seriously amazing. i don't think i could ever do that with wyatt. corbin seems so wise beyond his years!

    and i love looking at the back of his head. he's always so curious and interested in his surroundings. that's pretty cool.

  2. These photos are so cute!!! :) I have only been to a Mariners game once (because I was given tickets) but those look like amazing seats!! I love his jersey! :)


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