Sunday, October 03, 2010

sorry mariner moose,

it looks like corbin still remembers his last visit with you after all.


  1. oh no :( i hope the rest of the time went better than last time, at least! love his little jersey. way to be true fans even though the m's suck right now. haha.

  2. Ha-larious! You look thrilled too! :)

  3. hey I think I found you on a little kind and i!
    my son HATES the moose too lol its ok I was scared of it as a kid too. but C sure is cute! I look forward to following your blog!

  4. TOO FUNNY! He is just such a hunk!

  5. that is funny. wyatt's terrified of chuck e. cheese too.... so i get it. i mean, it is pretty terrifying to see this giant monster with big eyes coming at you and your family with big huge hands with like, 4 fingers.

  6. amylee. the rest of the time was really fun and ryan got him that jersey at the home opener this year. he had been so excited to get corbin a matching one!

    heidi. yeah, im not going to mark this picture under, "cutest pics of me" anytime soon!

    lauren. so happy you found my blog! you must live around here too then if your little guy is scared of the moose too. cant wait to go check out your blog! :)

    jessica. have your baby already! haha :)

    brittany. thanks! i love that you call him a hunk. too cute.

    jess. oh, i bet corbin would be terrified of mr cheese too. there were lots of mascots at the game that day and they were all trying to give him high fives and corbin would just turn away and try to crawl up my head!

  7. Awww, Corbin holds a grudge!!

    A very hilarious one at that!! Teeheehee!!!


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