Monday, October 04, 2010


i'm often left speechless during times of deep emotion. times like when corbin was born. or when he turned one. the love i have for my family. and saturday. the day i saw my niece turn into a young woman before my eyes. when i think back to when she was corbin's age im in disbelief at how fast time really does fly by. 

just weeks ago she was nervous to start high school as most kids are. now she's the freshman class president AND her class's homecoming queen. i could go on and on about all the achievements she's accomplished in just fourteen years. how smart and genuinely kind and caring she is. she's simply amazing really. and i couldnt be more proud of her!

im so glad i was able to spend the {baby-less} afternoon with her getting ready for her first big dance of the year!

and proof that corbin hung out with dad.
he always has on one sock when i come home. such silly guys!


  1. Ahhh, takes me back to my highschool days...although I was no where close to as pretty as your niece. I love her dress and her hair turned out great! I swear time speeds up even more after you have a baby...


  2. she is SO cute. & i totally hear ya on how crazy it is to watch them grow up... my oldest niece is 18 & a freshman in college. crazy!

    love the one sock thing. hilarious. whenever i come home to parker & sam hanging out, parker's never wearing pants. always just a onsie & socks. silly boys!

  3. She is so lovely! Awwwww. Ha to the one sock!

  4. allie. i was thinking about my high school days the whole time! funny.

    amylee. that is so funny about parker not wearing pants. doesnt it make you feel so old to have an 18 yr old niece. it seems like we were just that age!

    chelsey. thank you so much!

  5. look how beautiful they all are... hmm to be back at homecoming, slow dancing with my future husband... who knew!

  6. Oh homecoming!! I have some fond memories of my homecomings back in the day!! She looks beautiful! Love her hair.


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