Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pumpkin patch!

it seems like just yesterday we were carrying a tightly bundled two month old sleeping baby around the pumpkin patch, checking his breathing because he was sleeping like a log unable to be woken up by pretty much anything and saying how next year he'll be running all over this place. and yesterday he did just that.
he was so determined to find the perfect pumpkin from the second we let him out of the car!
nope, not this one.
so much fun stuff to do!
riding in the wheelbarrow!
corbin and daddy running around the pumpkin patch!
we had the whole place to ourselves for a while!
he was not at all interested in the pumpkins at the beginning
because there was a tractor working nearby.
so so many to choose from!
but he soon found the perfect one!

we couldn't leave the pumpkin field without playing in the dirt. he even ate some too.
and these cute little pumpkins were even nice enough to take a family picture for us.
where to next?
how about the petting zoo! i want a donkey! and tiny little pigs too!
then we played in the hay maze. and i crawled thru that tunnel with corbin!
by far the coolest part of our trip was this corn box! he even got to slide down all by himself! when he hit the corn he wasnt a fan but it didnt take him long to start splashing around and throwing it everywhere!
 doesnt he look just like the guy on his shirt!?!
and how cute will it be to get this picture every year?!
i only wish we would have seen it last year...
then it was time for a hay ride!
and im pretty sure since we were being pulled by a big tractor,
that this was corbins favorite part of the trip...despite that crazy look on his face!
and then it was lights out after such a fun time at the pumpkin patch. i think i'll take corbin again one of these days during the day since we are having such nice weather and since its FREE! maybe in his costume next time??? wont that be cute.


  1. Ah you guys are so cute!! Love all these pictures. I need to take King to a pumpkin patch too. He'd probably love the tractors more than the pumpkins too. haha

  2. Aww! He looks like he had a blast : )

  3. Great pictures!!
    I LOVE that by the end of the day his shirt is soaked in slobber, it's real and so sweet!!

  4. Jill! You all are the cutest little family. What a completely awesome series of pix. Love it.

  5. he was so into it! what a great day!

  6. Aww, Y'all have a REAL pumpkin patch there!! I love the shot of all 3 of you, and the one of him riding on Daddy's shoulders. Pretty awesome.

  7. Aweee! This is soooo cute! Corbin is ADORABLE! I also love how they spelt out "Pumpkins" with the pumpkins. Neat place!


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