Monday, October 18, 2010

the pumpkin is carved!

 i'd like to introduce you to...cyclops o' lantern!
and here's the drool monster checking him out.

{i cut the mouth out and then was like, wait now how do i add the teeth!?! woops!}


  1. Oh how cute!! We haven't carved any pumpkins this year... not sure we will. But this post is making me want to! He he.

  2. hahah! I love the pumpkin and I love that you forgot the teeth! And my oh my, is that wet area on his shirt from drool? Oooh wee!

  3. thanks! mandy, you have to carve your pumpkins. thats the funnest part! and then you came make pumpkin seeds! mmmm!

    jhen. the teeth were going to be soooo cool! oh well. and yes that is drool. and he's only had that shirt on for like an hour. well drool and his new "trick" of taking a drink of water and then spitting it out all over the place! ;)

  4. Yay! Pumpkin reminds me of that little dude from Monsters Inc. Super cute. I just let Augusta roam around with no shirt cuz it's easier to wipe her clean! Little dirtbags unite!

  5. love love love the toothless jack o' lantern & i love how much corbin drools! mixed with his spitting out of water, of course. that's hilarious :)


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