Friday, October 01, 2010

happy first day of october!

please enjoy this halloween costume photo montage to celebrate!
{husky football player}
{wicked witch}
{rock star}
{silly monkey}
 {my wittle kitty}
{and my personal favorite THAT WILL NOT UPLOAD CORRECTLY!!!:
white trash, fake boobed, mullet-havin' hillbilly!}

in other news: we have a busy weekend ahead of us.

im taking corbin to play with charlie pete and augusta & anabelle this morning! soooo excited!!!

saturday i am helping my niece get ready for homecoming and then going to seattle with her crew to take pictures!

and sunday we are headed to the mariners game to take advantage of them "taking care of us" for the moose dropping corbin on his head the last time we went to a game!


  1. haha! That's great! That last one is hilarious.

  2. Love the mullet! His face is priceless.

  3. OMG - love the last one! Too cute! In all seriousness, the monkey one is adorable!

  4. hahaha! so fun, i LOVE these! i'm seriously lmao at his facial expression in that last one. also, funny coincidence that he is holding the green and orange balls...we just got hen those exact balls in those exact colors. him and corbin are totally destined to be bffs!!!

  5. his face in the rockstar wig picture is so so cute. he looks like a little doll! such a cutie.

    oh, & my vote is for the mullet wig. definitely.

    have fun at the game tomorrow... i hope it goes better than last time :)


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