Monday, October 04, 2010


corbin and i met up with rachel and heidi friday for some zoo time with the kiddos! its so much fun finally meeting people who you grow to love over their blogs! i just wish i could meet all the mommies i adore from all over the country! yes jess, im talking about you! ;)
corbin and augusta checking out the monkeys!
i think that polar bear likes you anabelle!
i was kinda excited he was out and about since the last FOUR times i've been there i haven't even seen him! i want to pet him!
corbin and the polar bear. {told ya i was kinda excited!}
wandering off to explore. his favortie thing to do.
we had a really fun day! and im bummed i dont have any pictures of little charlie cuz omg, he is the cutest!

 i knew these girls were great mamas to begin with but it was so nice to see them in action. rachel was always right there to take care of charlie's every need and her presence was all he needed. and heidi has the sweetest little girls. i loved that she took the time to explain things to anabelle and told augusta {who was never not smiling!} that she was cute a bazillion times! it made me wonder what kind of parent i will be like after three plus kids.


  1. Jill, you are the sweetest little mama!

  2. SO FREAKIN' UNFAIR! i would love to meet you on a daily basis (NO HOMO).

  3. How fun! We are going to the Zoo this coming Friday.

  4. Is that point defiance?? I love that zoo!! Corbin looks so memorized! I love it!

  5. heidi. YOU ARE!

    jess. for sure. me too.

    jennifer. i can not wait to see pics of hayley at the zoo. are you going to the san diego one? how fun!

    mandy. yeah, its point defiance. we love it too. even though there are more animals at woodland park i feel like. when our membership is up at pd we are going to get one for woodland park.


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