Thursday, October 21, 2010

fourteen months old!

fourteen months is a REALLY FUN age! corbin is always learning something new and surprising us every day. he's really into copying us too and its so cute. he copies facial expressions and sticking his tongue out and sounds we make and marching on the kitchen floor {his march is more like sticking one leg straight out and then taking a step with the other foot}! last weekend he was running around the house throwing his arms up saying, "tack-don" which is his version of TOUCHDOWN!!! and when you say, "you goooot iiiiit!" he'll reply with the same tone as us, just his own jibberish. i love that he really thinks he's saying it. he's gotten really good with the word "bubble", "shoooooz", and "all done" too. his other most used words are "bang-cok" and "track-gong" i just have no idea what they mean. and he signs all done and more! corbin also knows what a puppy, kitty, ducky, horsey, and cow-y {haha juuust kidding} says.

my once eat anything garbage disposal has now turned into the pickiest of eaters with barely an appetite. meals are one of the most frustrating parts of my day. one day he loves bananas. the next day he wants nothing to do with them. things like that are fine but when i take an hour to make a meal and he wont eat it i have to try and come up with something else in just a few minutes because he's hungry NOW! we've also tried to introduce cow's milk but he wants nothing to do with that and spits out every sip. {cant say that i blame him} so im trying to figure out what an alternative could be. rice milk? soy? almond?
bath time is finally better and he isnt scared of having his hair rinsed by laying back in the water anymore. he loves splashing around in the water and knocking all his toys off the ledge of the tub! 
and he thoroughly enjoys his after bath evening nakie time too! i've tried sitting him on his potty a few times but he is so much more than not interested and cries to get off which makes me wonder if its even comfortable. anyone have the boon potty bench and have similar problems? or maybe he is just not ready/intrested yet.
 he's generally just a super sweet and happy little guy. my favorite time is right when he wakes up in the morning. he is always so full of smiles and snuggly!
he's getting to be quite the sweetsie boy towards his mommy giving hugs, longer than usual morning cuddles, and holding my hand, not ripping it away from me. ok, sometimes he still does do that.
there is nothing sweeter than his curly little head on my shoulder!!!

and we cant forget these afternoon snuggles with dad watching some wiggles clips on dad's iphone AND sticking his finger in his belly button! my kids got talent!
he's down to one {usually two hour} nap a day which i LOVE. its so nice to have the whole afternoon to do things and not worry about getting his second nap in.
and boy is he a helper! always wanting to be right there to pull knives out of the dishwasher put dishes away and destroy straighten up the house!
his hair is getting out of control long and im so tempted to straighten it again. this time all over his head, but i know its probably not good for his baby hairs. ryan wants to have his hair cut but i want him to have a huge head of curly locks! someone told me if i have it cut it will grow back quick and much thicker. is that true?
he currently loves the wiggles, pushing his trucks around all. day. long. on his knees {and they all end up in the kitchen by the end of the day because he knows they roll faster on the tile}, dancing, books, climbing up on everything, opening the toilet lid, mega blocks, baby gym {where he puts toys away ALL ON HIS OWN!}, and balls!

cant wait to see all the fun stuff he'll be up to this month...


  1. ohmigosh he seriously the cutest little thing! :) He's getting so big!

    I really hope you enter our cutest kid contest! It sounds really complicated.. but its not! Check it out and if you have any questions email me! I really want you to enter!!!

  2. That hair serious kills me every time. He looks like so much fun too.

    About the milk - We started with rice milk, since the ped said it was closest in consistency to breastmilk and slowly mixed in whole milk until he accepted just whole milk. It took a while. And since rice milk is really low in fat you need to make sure he's getting yogurt or cheese or something else with a high fat content.

  3. He is so cute! Can't wait for Hunter to be more interactive... but at the same time I don't want him to grow up any faster! :)

  4. dang! i'm so impressed with all of corbin's accomplishments/talents. he's seriously so mature for his age. i love how adorable his hair is. i feel like if his hair got cut it'd make me cry?

  5. Jill! Corbin is just the cutest boy around. I LOVE that black and white shot; gorgeous. Such a sweet post, little mama.

  6. gaw-he is so cute! i want to nom on his little face :)

  7. i think we're baby clothes soul mates. i've lost count of how many things corbin wears that parker also has. are those grey sweats from baby gap? if so, parker has them. and the old navy super dog pjs? parker has them. beatles shirt from target? has it. awesome.
    happy 14 months corbin :)


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