Friday, October 22, 2010

flashback friday!

baseballin' and babymoonin'!

whenever i think about it, it kind of bums me out that i didnt start this blog while i was pregnant. i mean i did take a picture of the bump every week and wrote in my pregnancy journal, the belly book. but it would have been fun to get some feedback and some, i know EXACTLY how you feel's back then too.

anyway, these are from our babymoon trip to california in may of 2009. our last babyless vacation for a really loooong time. i got warm sunshine, relaxation, and time at the beach! and ryan got to mark two baseball stadiums off his list of stadiums he wants to watch a ball game at. {his list includes every ball park in the united states by the way} and we both got in-n-out meals at least once a day!

also? someone please tell me how i ever lived without my canon rebel? these photos are horrible, but on with the post...

angel stadium!
 ryan almost caught a fly ball! we were on tv too!
dodger stadium!
 exploring the city!
twenty five week baby bump on manhatten beach!

 expecting dads have a lot to think about too!
we were broke and trying to save money for the one income road that lied ahead but we were so glad afterwards to have went anyways. it was a time for us to hang out without worrying about if the house was clean or work or any drama going on around us. and we had the best time together!


  1. these are great! you have such great style.

  2. you were such a cute little pregnant girl! and you guys are cute baby mooners, too. isn't blogging amazing? i wish i had blogged MORE when i was pregnant. don't beat yourself up over not doing it back in the day... corbin will be happy you started it at all :) i can't wait to get mine all printed off in a book for parker.

  3. Aww you were such a beautiful pregnant lady! (And now a beautiful momma!)

  4. Aw, the days before baby!! Seems like a world away, right? The photos are great, and I bet the memories are even greater.

  5. Awwww, you went to the soda fountain? I live about 30 mins even less and have never been there, but plan too! Lucky!


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