Friday, October 15, 2010

flashback friday!

costumes from my past edition.
while most little girls my age were probably running around trick-or-treating in rainbrow bright and strawberry shortcake halloween costumes my mother must not have gotten the memo and instead it was scraps from around the house that made up my costume for who knows how many years in a row. i only have two pictures as evidence. she claims i was sick every year on halloween but most kids get their costumes weeks in advance so i dont buy that excuse! ;)
and so what do you get when you wander around the house with your arms full of markers and a sheet and bingo dobbers and pony tail holders? you get this. thats what.
and then the next halloween rolls around and since your little daughter doesnt know any better you spice it up a little with some balloons and stars and a hair net! my mom sure gets points for being creative at least! and no one else had the same costume as me! i just always wonder what people though as they opened their doors and saw me in all my train-wrecked costume glory!
{im surprised my sister even wanted to be seen with me! haha}

things got better as i got older though. maybe once i was able to notice that my friends weren't walking around in colored sheets with bingo dobbed faces and i could pick out a costume of my own! this mini mouse costume that my mom made me {along with my queen of hearts costume that i have searched high and low for a picture of and can not find} were my favorites of all time!
and now with a baby of my own i may see my mothers side of all this. i want corbin to have a unique costume, yet i cant imagine handing over a ton of money for something he's going to wear for like one hour and no sewing machine to make one of my own on the cheap. i guess there's always next year... 


  1. Jill! You are the cutest little Minnie and whothehellknowswhat I have ever seen!

  2. HA! love the balloons on the head... that is hilarious. and I was minnie mouse one year too! wonder why that was such a popular one back in the day. haha. fun flashback :)

  3. So what are you going to do?

    I love halloween I think its TOTALY worth it! Although aidyns first year his costume was kind of lame.. he was a horse! lol It wasnt that cool! lol this year his costume is freaking adorable!

    Icant wait for the reveal!

  4. Hahahahaha!!!!!

    Well- at least you were dressed up? hahah

  5. hahaha, these made my morning. i'm totally cracking up over here! i love that minnie mouse costume and the fact that your mom made them all!

  6. i am dead.
    what the heck is even going on in those photos? ha, and you were such a cute minnie!

    my weirdest costume was half man half women. my mom cut some v-village girl/boy clothes in half and sewed them together. it was pretty weird but cool :)

  7. I love the first one. You look so confused, just like the rest of us.

  8. Those first two are priceless. I bet they were EXACTLY what you asked for!

  9. you are a cute minnie mouse. i am laughing SO HARD at the first two. am i allowed? because i am DYING. what the what?!

  10. I love that mini-mouse sass! But seriously...those first two? What were you actually supposed to be? :)


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