Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bounce it up! {part two}

corbin and i went to bounce it up again with some baby pals and their mommies! he actually loved it this time too and was whining and trying to squirm out of my arms so he could get down and play more when we were leaving!
{on our way up the slide...FOR THE TWENTIETH TIME!}


  1. go corbin! that's awesome that he liked it better this time.

  2. Cutest picture EVER of you two!

    I can't wait until Logan is old enough to enjoy fun places like that.

  3. SERIOUSLY you two are too cute for words! I am so glad he had fun! In no time at all he'll leave you in the dust, and have his own adventures, and you'll love watching him! I love seeing aidyn being independent...

    but the moment he falls down, or gets a scraped knee he'll be looking for his mommy! :)

    I love that at the core of everything we still want our mommys! Even when I fall down today, or feel lost she's the first one I want to call! :)

    I bet our sons will be the same way! :)

  4. Oh I knew he'd like it the 2nd time around!! Yay! Like Brienne said, I can't wait to take Bennett there (or somewhere like it!)

  5. fun! we have a good bounce place right down the street that i love taking the older girls to. i can't wait till i can take stelly too!

    looks like he had a good time for sure!

  6. haha, he liked the motor again! he's gonna be a mechanical engineer, i tell ya.
    i love his little legs running as fast as they can around the place while barely moving his little arms. he is so cute.
    cute picture of you guys, too!!

  7. UMM very cool!! I wish we had a place like that where we live. That looks like so much fun

  8. Adorable! We have a place like this in Austin also, and while A can't yet play on the bounce parts, there is a little baby gym with climbing things and balls that she loves! Plus, it's free for babies under 1!

    That's a great pic of you two - he looks so much like you!


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