Thursday, September 02, 2010

twelve month stats!

tuesday we went to corbins twelve month checkup. my visions of hanging out at the downtown park in bellevue before our appointment, feeding the ducks and swinging and devouring trophy cupcakes new blueberry pie cupcake were completely interrupted by miss mother nature herself and the total fall-like weather we had here in seattle. i dont think the rain let up once! 
anyway, the visit with the doc went well. we'd seen her at baby gap a few days earlier so she was expecting us. we discussed corbin's obsession with bonking his head on things. she said its normal. and starting whole milk. she says we should. im on the fence about it and am doing a little research for myself first. i dont understand why he would need it if he's still nursing four times a day. ryan suggested just giving him a little with dinner every night so i think thats where we'll start sometime soon and see how it goes. she said corbin looked perfect and she always makes us feel really good about all the decisions we're making as parents. she even wrote on his paperwork, "corbin is delightful! keep up all of your good work!"
now for the stats:
he weighs in at 19 lbs, 11 oz (7.54 percentile)
his noggin is 46.4 cm (47.78 percentile)
and he is 2'5.13" long (23.95 percentile)

we skipped out on his vaccines until next monday because he had a runny nose (yes im overly cautious!) and i didnt want to risk making it worse when it was finally getting better. oh, and i did get my blueberry pie trophy cupcake afterwards too. pure and total HEAVEN!

ryan stayed home from work tuesday too and we went out to breakfast for the first time together as a family of three! there's something about getting up early together to go out to breakfast that makes me happy!
{im aware that this place looks like a total dump. i mean check out those horrible white chairs with seventies red cushions! and my coffee mug, er hot cocoa WITH MARSHMALLOWS mug, but really its delish! one of those small town spots where all the locals hang out!}


  1. awww i love the pictures of Corbin being all curious in the hospital room! and those cupcakes sound so good!

  2. is that the original pancake house in ballard? i love big breakfast. yum!

  3. jessica those cupcakes are REALLY good! any excuse i have to get one, i do!
    rachel. its acutally the kettle in enumclaw. i love me some breakfast too! :)

  4. that is the cutest dr. visit photos ever!

  5. what an angel baby! he's like a little cherub!

  6. Love love his curly hair! So glad you got your cupcake :)

  7. those big blue eyes are too much! and i love his baby curls. such a cute boy :)

  8. I'm sorry your Bellevue plans didn't work out.. it is Seattle, right? Ah! But I love his curls!

  9. what a cutie checking out the dr.'s office!

  10. He gets cuter and cuter every time you post a picture. : )

  11. He was only ONE ounce bigger than brook for her 1 year appointment. Awwww!!!

    And as for bonking of the head.. Join the club lol. Brook loves hitting her head when she is throwing fits too.


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