Friday, September 24, 2010

thirteen months old.

i can just see it now. writing a post about my little corbin being one hundred and ninety two months old and getting his drivers license! haha but seriously i think i'll continue this month thing until corbin stops doing cool stuff. which will be never. so there.

last saturday {the 18th} corbin turned thirteen months old! i can not believe all the new things he's doing and saying. every day with him is something new lately!
so lets start off with his words. i thought his little gibberish was cute, by oh my gah do i love when he says words! so far he can say: ball, dog, turtle, tractor, mama, dada, bye bye, book, block, balloon, and what i think might be all done. and he understands what they all are too. he also understands: toes, outside, light, truck, puppy, arms up and im sure more that i cant think of! his favorite word right now has to be ball though. anything that resembles the shape of a ball he freaks out pointing and saying ball over and over. like the other day we were at target and he would say, "baaaaaall" every time we walked by a pumpkin!
he doesnt know any baby sign language yet, except i think he does his own version of all done by waving bye bye to himself with both hands, but i use it every day and im sure someday soon he'll catch on. now he just communicates by pointing to what he wants. mostly its food and he points and says, "mmmm". or when he's ready for a nap or bedtime he just walks to the room and whines a little so i know its time for bed! and my personal favorite is saying, "aaaahhhh" when he wants a drink. finishes taking a drink. or sees someone else take a drink!
he dances all.the.time. nowadays. anytime there is any sort of music on. and sometimes when there's not! his dance moves have evolved from what was once a hands out in front while i bounce up and down to tapping one foot on the ground and head banging. he seriously cracks me up! he plays really well on his own too and i love peeking around the corner to spy on him while he does it. i just wish i knew what was going on in his imaginary world. his favorite though, is playing with his dad. i can try all day to make him crack up and the second ryan comes home from work corbin is all laughs! i guess im just not funny.
as cool as he is, he still has his moments. the moments where he bends his back backwards and turns into dead weight all the while squealing as loud as he can because i am just not doing what he wants me to be doing at that instant. and he is quite the pest when it comes to getting into things he shouldnt be getting into. i feel like thats mostly my fault for leaving things out but why is he always wanting to stick his finger right into the opening of a pop can or wanting to rip my books off the shelf and step on them and rip the pages and eat them!?! and his other way to show me he is all done eating or does not like what i've made him is too either pick it up and throw it across the kitchen or wave his hands back and forth over the top of his high chair tray so that food goes flying off in every direction. good times!
also, he recently started hating public bathrooms and getting his hair washed!
mostly though, he is just really fun! i smile all day long. {ok, almost all day.} i love watching him learn and try new things and explore and become his own little guy.
{oh why yes, that is an uff da! bandana drool bib! we loves it!}


  1. Sweetest baby blues. Love that tub shot; maybe you can whip it out on his 192nd month birthday and show his friends!

  2. oh my gosh! corbin is to die for, seriously. and he's so smart. i can't believe he says all those words. wyatt just says, akjfskdlfjsld.... and that's about it. corbin is a little genius.

  3. heidi. that is a great idea! haha but seriously we must be the generation that started this whole baby bloggin business. i dont ever see anyone asking me to vote for them on top tween blogs!

    jess. you always say the nicest things! corbin just started talking these last few weeks. its crazy how fast they pick it up!

  4. happy 13 months corbin! i love the tub shot with all those curls swept up into a faux-hawk! cute cute. i can't wait to hear parker's first few words. & i know exactly what you mean about dad coming home... i play with parker all day long but when sam gets home it's a whole new level of laughs & giggling. ah well, i think i get better snuggles in :)

  5. Oh my god he is soo cute!! Those eyes are insane!! I love the pic of him crying!! I just love his hair too. Its soo curly!! Ahh I bet this is such a fun stage, He is learning so much and saying so many things. I bet he thinks he's so cool when he says the word! haha I love when babies dance too you can help but crack up!!

  6. amylee. that is a GREAT way to look at it. ryan hates that i get all the baby cuddles!

    shawntae. thank you! thank you! i agree babies dancing is the funniest. like, how they just hear the beat and move without any inhibition.

  7. love it! the "corbzilla" picture is my fav!

  8. omg so cute. i love the one of him in the tub, he looks soo sweet! those blue eyes. way to go on all those words, what a little genius!!


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