Sunday, September 26, 2010

story time.

corbin loves books. he brings me one to read at least ten million times a day. usually the same one which i have completely memorized by now.
driving through tonka town with chuck the dump truck.
 i remember the first time he went into his room, picked out a book, and then brought it to me to read with his arms raised high for me to pick him up!
and then today there was this.
corbin reading a book all by himself.
i see weekly trips to the library in our near future.


  1. Oh, how cute that he was reading to himself. What a precious moment to capture on video!!! LOVE IT! So precious! I love what he's saying to or about the book!

  2. i actually watched that whole video! his little voice is so adorable. i was telling my sister today that i wish i lived in washington because i sooooooooo would hang out with you on a regular basis.

  3. haha thanks jen! he just crawled up there and starting reading. i HAD to get it on video! i just cant believe how long he went!

    and jess. i know EXACTLY how you feel because i feel like that too! i remember wondering one time if josh might ever get stationed here. haha! hopefully one of these days our paths will cross...

  4. Love love love his little voice!

  5. I have always loved the name Corbin and I love that you're friends with Jess from IROCKSOWHAT! Isn't she the best? :) Thanks for joining my giveaway! I wish you the best of luck!

  6. Haha that is so awesome!

    Thanks for your comment.

    I love the way he reads. It's so exciting, haha.. It's like every sentence is joyful. :)

    Love all the photos of him btw! He has such gorgeous eyess.. Hope all is well.

  7. That is ridiculously cute! What a great moment to capture forever! Harper got really excited when he started reading the book! He's got such a cute little voice!

  8. haha, such a cute little voice! He is so excited for every single page. love it.


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