Wednesday, September 22, 2010


sometimes i wish i lived somewhere that was hot three hundred and sixty five days a year.
but then there are days like yesterday, when im driving home and can't help but be in awe of where i live.
some days it drives me nuts to know the closest store is a twenty minute drive away but yesterday i wish my drive home would have been longer.
i mean, im standing im my front yard here!
fall skies are the best!
but dont try to get me out of my sandals til there's snow on the ground...


  1. yes, you're right... fall skies are the best! can't wait for more of them!

  2. Fall is my favorite in Washington! I wouldn't change a thing about Washington though... I LOVE it here and would/could never move!

  3. oh jill. you have no idea how much these pictures make my heart ache. there really is no season more beautiful than a washington state autumn.


  4. Our closest store is also 20 minutes away! Washington fall is so great. Well so is oregons ;)

    I love fall. By far, my favorite season

  5. Love fall! January is when I get a little sick of things!

  6. allie. before i even posted these i thought to myself that you might say something like that. you'll be back before u know it! :) these skies miss you.
    summer. thats what we get for livin in the cuuntry i guess! and agreed that wa and or skies/seasons are pretty much the same!
    lena. omg, i know! january equals bare trees, lots of rain and snow and wind and where the heck is spring!?brienne. i dont think i could ever move away either...but maybe a vacation house somewhere would be nice! :)
    mandy. im glad to know someone agrees with me! :)

  7. Jill! Love this post; yesterday was grand and your shots are BEAUTIFUL!


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