Sunday, September 12, 2010

happy grandparents day!

dear great grandma nana, great grammy, great gramps,
grammy, grandpa don, mimi, and grandad,           
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnvvvvvvvvvvvv , 99;;;;;;;;;;;;;;   ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;99  gfgfgg dxgggghgvchgv;kllouiytiytiytiytiytiytiytiytiytytghghghghghghghghghghghghghgghfvfvhhhhhiiiiiiii iiiii  vy 6n              
love, corbin

i'm assuming that translates to: happy grandparents day! i love each of you so so so much! thanks for always playing with me and telling me you love me and spoiling me and smothering me with kisses and hugs just like a good grandparent should!


  1. great typing skills corbin! ahahahaha. this is so cute :)

  2. Very cute!! Harper is always trying to get at my keyboard.

  3. haha so talented with the keyboard!

  4. jill, your comment on my blog was so sweet and encouraging. thank you so much for messaging me both there and fb, it really meant so much to me. it just sucks not having close friends around us, it's nice to know that i have you and others to turn to during crappy times. love you.

  5. I totally had no idea there was such thing as a grandparents day!
    Your son might just be a genius on the computer!! :)


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