Thursday, September 23, 2010

free your glee!

the three of us met up with my sister, niece, and nephew at the fair tuesday to eat our hearts out!
the weather was perfect. warm and sunny!
we visited the cows
[a lot of the other animals weren't in their barns...?!?]
and this poor mama pig. i felt her pain.
corbin's favorite! TRACTORS!!! ps. when did my baby get so big?!?
i let him wander around and get in people's ways.
he held tight onto this ball from the comcast booth the whole.entire.time!
mmmm roasted corn!
i was too chicken to ride this ride with corbin.
oh, plus you have to be two to ride rides anyways.
pretty much where every kid rides when walking thru the fair, right?
i kept trying to get corbin to go get in the middle of this show and dance.
he wanted nothing to do with it!
but how cute are those little farm animal kiddies!
the first year in many that i havent riden the extreme scream!
i kinda missed it in a 'oh my gah im going to pee my pants' kinda way!
and then there was THIS! fried freaking oreos! and twinkies too!
they were quite the gut bomb afterwards but im glad i tried one three.
the worker told me that this fried dude was her boss.
and then the best moment of the whole fair experience.
corbins first taste of a scone!
we brought a bag home and they are the best breakfast food ever!


  1. Fun! You and Harper's Happening had the same post title. Totally confused me!

  2. haha i noticed that too chelsey. it's their new little catch phrase when they advertise the fair. {you can see it on the sign in the first picture!} it used to be "do the puyallup!"

  3. how fun! i had a free ticket and didn't even go ;( we need to get together again, maybe i'll come that way!

  4. fun! man i could really go for some of that delicious fair food right now!

  5. holy crap. we were this close to going to the fair on tuesday! nuts, right? but, we decided not to go & i don't think we're gonna make it at all this year. sad. looks like you guys had a bast, & i am definitely missing my scone this year!

  6. The photo of the Mama pig had me laughing. Looks like you had lots of fun at the fair!

  7. that's awesome! i really wish i could of gone...

  8. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! You take such wonderful pictures!


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