Monday, September 20, 2010


i have a million things to blog about. corbin turned thirteen months on saturday and he's got a ton of new and amazing tricks i must tell you all about. we spent sunday celebrating our cousin caden's SEVENTH birthday and i have a ton of pics to post [that ones mostly for the fam but still].

also, i have a serious case of writers block. or i dont seem to care about my blog. or everything seems to annoy me lately. or whatever it is. and i dont feel like writing at all these past few weeks. im just in a funk.

but what i do feel like writing about is something that brought me to tears today. big crocodile tears that welled up in my eyes so much that i couldnt see clearly until they dropped to my cheeks. something that made me instantly go hug corbin tight and that made me realize how lucky and thankful i am to have a healthy little boy.

flowers4children is a blog ran by gracie, the daughter of rachel over at and then, she {snapped} and her cousin, samantha. and i am BLOWN AWAY by their efforts to raise money to help premature babies, like gracie's little sister who is now an angel in heaven, by making the cutest little barrettes and donating 75% of all the profits to the march of dimes! [the other twenty five percent goes to supplies to make the barrettes].
"The new barrette everybody's talking about.
Perfect for babies and little girls. (And me.)" 
-Grace Drechsel, co-founder of Flowers4Children.

i think the part that got me the most is that gracie and samantha made six dollars last month and there were so proud of themselves! six dollars. i spent that much at starbucks today. i really think its little things like this that can make all the difference in this world. people like gracie and samantha who are turning something so sad and heartbreaking into something powerful and helping other families not have to go through the same experience. like i said, im just really blown away. i would be the proudest mom if either of those little girls were mine!

so go take a second and check out their work. buy a barrette or two or five [and then you get one free!]. or win one through a giveaway rachel is hosting. or just give them a well deserved pat on the back [via the not sure how that would work...but im sure you'll find a way!]


  1. I'm glad you came back to your blog :) We've missed you guys in the Birdies class on Saturday mornings. Are you going to a different class?

  2. This is adorable! I am heading over now! I will be showing this too! Thanks for spotlighting it! I'll pass it on, on my blog as well!

  3. stephanie. we are going to class on thursdays in covington and mondays in federal way. i cant get out the door that early on a saturday! :)

    thanks brittany. i just couldnt help put spread the word!

  4. awww, are so sweet to bring attention to grace's blog. you should see her right now, she is so excited! thank you!

    your new bff, rach. ;)

  5. Im going to share this on my blog too!! =) Such a sweet thing!

  6. happy thirteen months corbin! i bet he's doing a ton of new, fun things- i can't wait to hear about all of them!

    i totally get the uninspired funk feeling you are talking about. sometimes i'm so sure that i wouldn't keep posting on my blog if my family didn't look forward to seeing pictures of henny so much.

    and holy cute barrettes! heading over to check it out now. thanks for sharing!

    (missed you too. i'm so glad you're back...even if it's just here and there.)

  7. jill i totally hear ya on the blogging funk. i get that way too, but i usually find it's when i'm trying to find things to write about that i think other people would find interesting instead of just writing for myself. if you don't feel like blogging, don't. but don't go too long... we'd miss ya!

    can't wait to hear about corbin's 13 month milestones :)

  8. Those barrettes are too cute! I'll have to let people know about them! Reasons like this is why I need a little girl!!

  9. Thanks for posting this! That is so sweet! I will have to check them out.

    I, too, am in a blogging funk. I'd rather be playing with Harper than writing, even though I know I will look back and wish I would have written more. But by the time she goes to sleep, I'm so exhausted that I pass out next to her. I'm also burned out (already!) from writing and reading for grad school. I'm glad you did post today, though! I was hoping everything was okay! I'm happy to see that it is!

  10. Yay Jill! I'm glad you posted this; it is too great. I have some coming for the girls. I think Corbin would look super cute with one in his curly locks! :)


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