Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bounce it up!

corbin and i met some of our friends at bounce it up this morning.
uh, he didnt really care for the place.
{pretty please dont pay attention to my awful green socks.
i barely ever wear shoes that require
them so i dont have many to chose from.}
anyway, we went sliding.
the climb up is a work out in itself!
here's his face as we slid down.
whyyyyy are you doing this to me mom!?!
we went thru obstacle courses.
corbin pretty much whined the whole time.
poor guy, i made him go thru it anyways.
but just once.
this was the only place he felt a little bit comfortable
enough to pry his hands off my neck.
those are his buddies jacob and brooklyn!
ok, im done. let me off of here already!
whew, safe on the ground.
he just wanted to walk around the equiptment rather than go on it.
oh look. another "baaaaaall!"
he didnt even want to look in from the outside!
but then he found the motor and pretty much fell in love.
there was a little button on the side that he would
push and then stomp his feet really fast.
over and over.
oh hey jacob. check this out!
yeah, you got it. just push that button!
here's a video of him inspecting the motor!
{again, please dont mind my socks}


  1. He he. It's fun to watch kids discover new things - even if they don't seem to like them!! He's such a cutie.

  2. that's funny that he wasn't all that into bounce it up. maybe he was just having an off day?

  3. thanks mandy! i agree its fun to watch the explore and find new stuff!

    jess. i hope it was just a case of the mondays, er tuesdays. and he'll like it next time.

    stephanie. you should come with us next time! its in black diamond. {http://www.bounceitupfun.com/}
    and kids under two are free!!!!

  4. This looks like such a fun place! I want to take Aidyn somewhere like this!

  5. can you say "future mechanical engineer"? i love that he is so fixated with the motor. too cute!

    & i can't blame him for not being that all into the bouncy stuff... can you imagine how huge & intimidating that would look if you were his size? haha, i can only imagine. he is SO cute!!

  6. I thought my girl would love this place too but she was only interested in the ball (sorry, baaaa's!) too. She didn't care about the motors but all her boyfriends would not leave them alone. Boys and mechanical stuff, it must start early!

  7. brittany. im sure they have something like this where you live. aidyn would love to play there. there were a few older kids that were having the best time!

    amylee. i was thinking the same thing about the place being HUGE and him being so wittle. plus the noise to make those things stay inflated is constant and kinda loud.

    lena. haha! boys are silly. i would guess kjella would love bouncing all over a place like that!


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