Saturday, August 28, 2010

twelve months old!

as usual, corbin has been busy learning tons of new things this past month! my favorite new trick is dancing! its the cutest thing ever how he bends his knees and bounces up and down. how he can just be walking like normal, hear music, and immediately start dancing as if his body just can not help itself! most often he will start dancing for you by just saying the word, "dance" or if you start singing, "its the wiggles, its the wiggles dancing with our friends!". he loves throwing balls and clapping afterwards because he's so proud of himself!he finally waves most of the time when you say, "bye bye" and a little bit less of the time when you say, "hi". he knows the meaning of the word "outside" and will look at you all confused and excited and then run to the door. and he also knows the words "eat" because i swear he could eat something every second of every day and the word "tractor" because his great grandma nana takes him on rides on her lawn mower almost every day! right before i started writing this post i asked corbin where his balloon was and he pointed up in the air to it. so i got all curious and was like, this kid is so much smarter than i could ever imagine so i took him to his room and set him down in the middle not facing anything in particular and asked him to get me his truck. and he walked right over to his truck and started playing with it. so then i asked him to get me his ball and a book and his toy tractor and he did all three! long story short, he's pretty much a genius baby!

another new trick is that he can eat with a fork if he has a little help from us getting the food on it first. and just when i figured out how to not get my finger bitten off when i need to fish something like a rock or food off the floor from who knows how many days ago out of his mouth by placing one finger on the side of his mouth so when he bites down its just gums and then the other finger is used for fishing-he has to go and get his back molars in! which brings his teeth total to TEN! like always though, he handles teething like a champ and there is no extra whining. just really drooly shirts and bibs.

and he's obsessed with doors. opening them. closing them. getting his fingers smashed in them. his favorite game to play is with his dad where ryan sits outside the room and corbin closes the door on him, runs to the chair, then runs back to open the door so ryan can say, "peek a boo" and corbin cracks up and does it over and over. each time making sure to run to the chair before he opens the door up again. he's so silly! and i can keep him entertained while i get ready for the day by letting him close the bathroom door and then i open it and he closes it and i open it and he closes it and i open it get my point.

he's getting better at playing by himself too and i can already see his imagination growing. its so fun to watch him and wonder just what he's thinking. the other day he would run into the computer room, twirl the computer chair around while babbling away, then run to the couch in the living room, babble some more, and then run back to spin the computer chair again. over and over he did it. laughing at himself the whole time.

we've said adios to pacifiers completely too! and im so glad corbin did it all by himself. although we only used them at bed and nap time, its still nice to not have to worry about where a binky is!

some other random facts about corbin. he sits up in his sleep and then flops over seconds later and always crawls to the top of his crib too. he knows when he's doing something he's not supposed to you and always gives me that look like, come on, say no to this adorable face. i dare ya! he startles easily and is scared of an elmo book he got for his birthday. he likes to stick his finger in his nose. we've successfully introduced egg whites, peanut butter, and strawberries. with no food allergies in either of our families i wasnt too worried about it anyways. he likes to lick things. like full on tongue all over the place lick! he loves to read books and play with tires and has started to climb in, on, and around everything!

he turns more into a little toddler boy every day and i cant wait to see what the next year brings as he starts on the path to TWO!


  1. Your little man is growing up! I think moms have the best job in the world. :)

  2. Can't believe he's opening/shutting doors, eating with a fork! Oh how they grow so fast! So funny that he sits up in his sleep. That is probably pretty awesome to watch! :-)


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