Friday, August 20, 2010

tomorrow is the PAR-TAY!

{invitations by dimple prints}

i've been so busy making the last bits of decorations but i think i'm finally done! the weather tomorrow says seventy but cloudy and im praying the rain stays away until sunday so we can have the party outside like we've planned! today we're shopping for all the food and making cupcakes!
{im exhausted already}


  1. omg, so cute! i can't wait to see photos from his big bash!

  2. SO cute!

    loveeee the invites! I bet the party is a blast!

    fingers crossed that its nice outside!

  3. I love the invitation!!! And those cupcakes look awesome!!!

    Btw, thanks. Now Im craving a cupcake ;)

  4. those invitations are adorable! what a perfect picture! happy birthday corbin!

  5. love his invites! they're just fabulous!

  6. I can't wait to see pictures. I'm sure the party will be a blast.

  7. I love those invites! and that little boy in the picture is pretty dang cute too!! I just die over his hair oh my gosh its the cutest ever.


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