Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a letter to the birthday boy!

dear corbin.

yesterday morning i got up with your dad before work to help him find his keys. after he was out the door i jumped back in to bed and closed my eyes only to open them and glance over at you laying next to me sleeping a few seconds later. i slipped down off my pillow and nuzzled my head into your neck and tried to breathe in the last bits of your baby smell that seem to disappear more and more each day. then i laid back and tried memorizing your face. this is the last day he'll be a baby, i thought. tomorrow he'll be one. some days it seems like you were born just yesterday. how could it already be your first birthday? and other times it feels like i've lived my whole life with you. i think its because you complete me. as corny as that sounds. i always thought i was complete when i fell in love with your dad. but now i know you complete us. you have made us parents and there is no better feeling in the whole world than having your very own family. and it amazes me how you never know how much more space there is to fill in your heart until your baby is born.

while its hard not to miss all the things i loved about you as a newborn, i cant deny how much fun you are at this age. we play and laugh and you copy whatever we do and you dance and clap and stomp your feet and you squeal with joy when your dad jumps out from behind something and scares you!

you are our best friend and we are so proud of what a good little guy you are. you are so sweet and good natured and silly. handsome as ever! and really smart too.

happy first birthday little boy!
we love you more than words could ever possibly say!
mom and dad.


  1. Oh my gosh, Happy Birthday Corbin!!! This was the sweetest letter ever. He is one lucky little boy! Hey, you should frame it like in a 8x10 and put it in his room :-)

  2. happy, happy birthday sweet corbin!

  3. Made me tear up.

    Cant believe our little monsters are ONE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORBIN. Hope you guys have a GREAT day!

  4. Ok.. this post almost made me cry!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Corbin!!!


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