Monday, August 09, 2010

the countdown is on...and i cant find the off button!

yesterday i left corbin behind with ryan for some "guy time" while i ran some errands baby-free. it will always amaze me how it feels to be a mom. little things like not having to find a parking spot right next to a shopping cart return thing at the grocery store. or worrying if me turning on the blinker will wake him up. and listening to the radio and singing as loud as i want because there is no baby babble that i would rather listen to. and how sad it made me to look in the rear view mirror and not see corbin in his mirrors reflection.

but i had some very much needed shopping to do to finish up the last of corbins birthday party decoration making. [i cant believe his party is now less than two weeks away!!!] while i was away ryan texted me the picture above of corbin on his old john deere tractor. it always cracks me to see what ryan picks out for him to wear and how i always return to corbin with a baseball hat on backwards. boys.

and speaking of his birthday, i had big plans of writing a post every day up until his birthday remembering every month of his little life so far but um, its already too late to start it on time and my mind is seriously overwhelmed that even when i tried writing a letter to one year old corbin i just couldnt do it. i cant find words. he means so much more to me that what i could ever write down. so instead im going to just post a couple of my favorite pics from each month. pictures are easy. and explain themselves. and in nine short days my baby will be one.


  1. oh my gosh!! That picture cracks me up.

    I left James with Kingston this morning and when I came home he had him dressed in a winter snow suit. haha

    I'm excited to see how his birthday turns out I bet it will be soo cute

  2. he looks so old and big in that picture! i think he's grown a lot.

    anyway, it's insane that your baby is turning one!


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