Wednesday, August 25, 2010

corbin's under the sea first birthday party!

last saturday all our closest friends and family gathered at ryan's parents house to celebrate corbins first birthday under-the-sea style!
{i wish i would have taken a picture when ALL the food was out because, woah, there was a lot!}

my niece and her two friends came over in the morning and made all the cupcakes while i was next door decorating!
they looked amazing and tasted delicious!
the bathroom mirror!
corbins birthday headquarters!
 i'm bummed the 'happy birthday' banner is so hard to read! i learned my lesson to use the decorated paper as the background and the solid paper for the letters! next year...
close ups of the banners!
this banner was on the side of the house for everyone to see when they first came back to the deck.
his birthday hat was super easy to make and i love how it turned out! i just got a template online, cut out a '1' and added some cut up streamers to the top!
the present table! i bought the book, happy birthday to you by dr suess and had everyone leave corbin a birthday wish inside!
and this is the sign at the main road letting everyone know where the party's at!
my three cupcake heroes! jaden, kaya, and angela! thank you so so much girls!!!
the fam haging out on the deck! and grandad todd behind the grill!
corbin eating dinner
before he dug into his birthday cupcake and everyone sang him happy birthday!
he had to try out both flavors!
{i put that darn banner on his highchair backwards! oh well.}
i cant believe we have a one year old!!!
dad wants a bite!
opening presents!
all corbin's birthday goodies!!! he's one lucky little boy!


  1. love the decor! you did a great job!

  2. You are so artsy! I hope I can come up with some fantastic ideas like you did!

    Looks like Corbin even got Cheerios for his birthday too. :) He sure got quite the load of gifts!

    Happy Birthday Corbin!

  3. SO fabulous!


    you could sell those signs! I'm serious!

    Love all the birthday swag he scored.. and the idea of writing him a message in the book!

    I am so copying you next year!

  4. You did a wonderful job! I really like the banner, too! Looks like everyone had a good time :)

  5. Oh my word!!! What a lucky little boy! You did such a great job with everything! Love the theme!!

  6. looks like a BLAST!! love all the colors and i'm not a theme-person but that all looks so awesome! Seriously. GREAT JOB!!

  7. So so cute!! I LOVE the theme. You are lucky his b-day is in the summer time.Did you make the banner?? I need to do this for kingston. I bet its soo crazy that you have a one year old. When that time comes for me I think someone is going to have to put oxegon on me. haha

  8. Wow, that all looks so awesome! I hope I'm cool enough to do something like that for Ruari's first bday!

  9. so your coming over to plan stella's first birthday in seven months right?!

    you totally rocked his party-did he get a box of cheerios? lol.

  10. oh, how fun! i love the mirror decorations – so creative! and the dr. seuss book? i might have to steal, i mean, borrow, that idea next year...

  11. what an awesome theme! i love it.

  12. Such sweet decorations! Looks like it was a wonderful party :)

  13. happy birthday to corbin! what a neat and creative theme. you did a wonderful job.

  14. LOVE the birthday party! I also love the Dr. Suess book. That was a great idea, you're so creative =)

  15. Happy Birthday Corbin!! I LOVE all the decorations!!

  16. oh man. thanks for all these super nice comments! it was so much fun to put together. and he DID get a box of cheerios for his birthday! haha i didnt have it in the first pictures and then i decided i better include it! and i totally stole the dr suess book idea from someone else on the internet so borrow away!
    shawntae, i made all the banners. the letters were just die-cut outs from a local craft store.
    melissa. i will totally help with stella's birthday! i bet girle stuff will be so fun to make! :)

  17. Happy birthday little man! What a FABULOUS b-day you put together...I'm totally stealing ideas 6 months from now. He's lucky to have such a special mommy!

  18. I haven't stopped by lately... and look what I miss, all these great party pictures!!! Love the decorations!


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