Thursday, August 19, 2010

corbin's signature look.

i took this picture of corbin just the other day. he's always exploring and so curious. whats that noise? where did that come from? i put a new book on our bookshelf today when he wasnt even in the house. after he came back in and played for a while he went to the bookshelf and picked that exact book i had just put there! anyway, this is just the face he has on most of the day...oh, and then there's this one:
and be sure to check out the other "signature looks" over at mandy's blog, its a beautiful life too!


  1. I LOVE that pic! He looks like he is so much fun!

    That's so weird you even know where Kelso/Longview is! I bet we know a lot of the same people, too. Have you ever heard of the band "The Harps" from there?

  2. he is so much fun! you are going to LOVE being a mommy! :)

    i think that all the time too when people know where cathlamet is! ive never heard of the harps. i wonder if we have too big of an age difference to know the same people. im twenty seven. how old are you? oh, and also the fact that i havent talked to or seen anyone from there since i graduated! haha

  3. Oh my gosh!! He's such a ham. I love it. That 2nd photo is hilarious. I would be cracking up all day looking at that cute face. Thank so for playing along!!! :-)

  4. What hunky! :) I love those eyes, and his hair!

    future heartbreaker? Umm, yup!

  5. love them! that last one cracks me up!


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