Saturday, August 28, 2010

corbin's bedroom...or lack there of.

the poor little guy, we use his room to store all our extra crap that doesnt have a place and all his toys and things he doesnt use anymore. it was fine when he was smaller but now that he can actually run around and play i really want him to have a room of his own. because we didnt know beforehand if we were having a boy or girl we really didnt get into the nursery decorating too much. we bought what we needed in neutral colors and that was it. so with all his new birthday toys and all the toys he already had we were running out of room to store them all. i've been looking online for months trying to find some sort of toy box or storage system i liked AND could afford. ANYWAY i was wondering around the most magical place on earth, target, the other day [oh wait did you think i meant disneyland!?!] and i found these cute little storage bins to go in this cute little cubey shelf thing and i instantly loved it! umm, plus it was so much cheaper than the three sprouts or dwell studio ones i really wanted!

so im drawing inspiration from this to continue completing corbins room. oh, plus i already have these hanging on the wall from ikea.
 i bought them because they were cheap like five years ago and used the frames for our bedroom but kept the prints tucked away safe for the day we had a baby of our own. i love the bright colors and silly pictures. and corbin is always pointing to them so i think that means he likes them too!


  1. and i like them too! i have yet to visit an actual ikea store, we've just never lived very close to one. i hear they are amazing, like with their own food court and everything? omg.

    those cubbies are cute and perfect. i'll probably end up getting the same sort of thing when we move into our new house and henry is a bit older. right now we just store the little amount of toys he owns (poor kid...) in an old milk crate. target totally is the most magical place on earth!

    however, everytime we go i always feel like i'm getting a good deal on things and then leave disappointed and pissed when i realize that i spent over thirty dollars. oh target, you sneaky sneaky store you!

  2. That looks great!! I love the colors!

  3. I could fully furnish my house via ikea and target!

    great choices! LOOVEEE IT!

  4. my poor poor allie friend. never been to an ikea!!! thats just crazy talk! its well worth the trip. i promise from now on to not take advantage of the fact i have one so close to home! mmmkay?
    thanks everyone else! im excited to tranform his room into something cute and not a junky storage hole!

  5. Oy, junky storage hole is the decor of choice around here. Drawing inspiration from your organizing skills, Jill!

  6. Oh my gosh - I love those cubes! I was looking at the elephant Dwell studio ones just the other day, and these are even cuter! Target rocks.

    Thank you so much for your sweet and supportive comment on my CIO's nice to see I'm not the only one that feels that way!

  7. oh i love the prints from ikea! super cute :)

  8. I fear this will happen when my husband and I eventually have a baby too! We have a very small place with only two bedrooms and you gotta put stuff SOMEwhere...

    haha, the pictures and shelf are cute though! his room will look great i'm sure :)


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