Thursday, August 12, 2010

bithday countdown: month six!

half a year old! i remember thinking how crazy it was that a whole six months had past since he was born. and now a whole nother six months has come and gone. we celebrated corbins half birthday with cupcakes and singing "happy half birthday to you".
and a trip to the park where corbin rode in his stroller for the first time.
and he also went in the shopping cart for the first time this month too!
such a big boy!
we thought that a twenty dollar johnny jump up was the best deal ever but quickly took it back to the store when all corbin did was bump his head on the sides of the doorway but managed to come home with a stationary bouncer three times more expensive.
he continued on with the silly faces. i love that i captured some of them on camera!
and ate like a champ. i have yet to find something he doesn't really like!
his love for books and exploring started around this time too.
and with the nicer weather we were able to get out to one of corbins most favorite places to be: outside!


  1. so adorable. he makes the greatest faces

  2. Hartman? My step dads last name (and thus my moms last name) is Hartman! Crazy! Is that your last name?

    Corbin was and is such a hunk! :) Love that you did the 6 cupcakes. I am starting to celebrate half birthday with Aidyn man.. I am going to cut his cake in half for his half birthday in October :)

  3. I love the half birthday! That is such a great idea! =)

  4. honestly, i think corbin's entire name is amazing. and i'd kill to have the last name "honeysett". it's really awesome.

  5. He's sooooooooooooo cute!!! Happy Half Birthday Little Man!!!

  6. I totally forgot that you were doing a birthday countdown. Now I feel like a dork. Oh well, he was a cutie at 6 months and he's a cutie at nearly a year! Yay Corbin!!

  7. brittany, how crazy! hartman is actually ryans moms maiden name. and ryans middle name too. aidyn will love celebrating his half birthday and we plan to continue the tradition too. any reason to make cake, right?

    jess. i LOVED my maiden name and the only thing that made it better was having an equally awesome last name to change it to!

    masons mom. haha thanks! funny mix up!

  8. I do a half birthday celebration for mine as well. I make a specially designed numbered pancake. but I LOVE the 6 cupcakes!!! too cute!


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