Monday, August 09, 2010

birthday countdown: pregnancy!

{twenty nine weeks pregnant}
i LOVED being pregnant! loved it! i had no morning sickness. not a single moment spent huddled over the toilet seat. i only gained thirty pounds and barely have any stretch marks! [yes i know im in for it the next time around] i remember being so excited when i finally started to show around thirteen weeks but to someone that didnt know me, i might as well have just needed to suck in my stomach! oh, and speaking of sucking in my stomach...when you're pregnant you dont have to! ever! its the best. it always makes me jealous to see girls documenting their pregnancies on their blogs [like jessica over at tart! omg, cute!] and im bummed i didnt start this blog sooner but at least i took weekly pictures and documented every week in the belly book. its fun to look back and remember a year later how i was this many weeks pregnant when michael jackson died or how i missed one of my appointments with the midwife because the blue angels were practicing and traffic was so horrible i would have been over an hour late!

my most favorite part about being pregnant had to be the ultrasound. i had no idea how much of our little baby we'd be able to see. it was amazing and it was such a relief to know he was growing perfectly!

when i was thirty weeks pregnant i was put on strict bedrest for an incompetent cervix. it basically meant that my cervix was thinning WAY too early. but after three weeks it stopped showing signs of thinning and i was able to go about my life, just at a slower pace.

and at thirty eight weeks, five days i was induced after a loooong appointment with my midwife because i was showing early signs of preeclampsia. it was the scariest and most exciting moment of my whole life. knowing that within a day i would be a mom and my whole life would change forever.


  1. Oh girl, I'm so jealous!! I had the WORST morning sickness until I was 22 weeks preggo. Threw up 10 times a day. And still managed to get huge enough for those lovely stetch marks to pop up in my 38th week. BOO! BUT through it all, it's so worth it. I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing. I think it's important to look back on our little miracles and how they arrived here. It was our journey just as much as it was there, and I loved ever minute of it. (Even though it was hard)
    Love that u/s pic!!!

  2. that profile is literally the exact same as his profile now!

  3. cute idea with the countdown... bet it brings lots of smiles and maybe some tears your way, too. time goes by SO incredibly fast!

  4. Awww thanks for the shout out Jill! <3

    I love being pregnant too! Although I'm not fortunate enough to say that I never had morning sickness because mine was downright atrocious! I get jealous when I see that other people started blogging when they were just dating their men! I would love to have documented the courtship, engagement, and wedding portion of our lives but I wasn't really aware of the blog world then... anyway I kinda know how you feel!


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