Tuesday, August 10, 2010

birthday countdown: month three!

{upside down corbin!}
what a fun time this was. corbin was slowly drifting out of the newborn stage and becoming more fun. he was awake more hours in the day and started noticing and playing with his toys! i love that corbin has always been a babbler too. the sound of his voice is the best! but it also meant having to pack up his tiny newborn clothes and put them away for the first time knowing he would never fit into them again. thats tough for a momma!
i dont think he went a single day without a scratch on his face. poor guy. even with those mittens on he would find a way to scratch himself. and he started losing his hair at about this time too. i was always so scared it wouldnt grow back curly!
corbin celebrated his first thanksgiving too.
and we were getting ready for his very first christmas! he was so excited! ;)

and we heard corbin laugh for the first time this month. [woah, totally didnt expect to start crying when i watched that just now!] every day since then ryan has done whatever it takes to make him laugh at least once a day.


  1. aw! wyatt had that ducky shirt too. so cute. corbin has obviously grown, but he looks almost exactly the same. i wonder if he'll look the same as an adult too.

  2. haha love the reindeer ears picture

  3. what a cute idea!! i love looking back at old pics :)

  4. Your baby is too cute!!! (Sigh... I can't hardly wait for my baby to get here... 7 and half more months!) I really like reading your posts!


  5. The Christmas photo is too funny! What a little cutie.


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