Friday, August 13, 2010

birthday countdown: month seven!

by seven months old corbin had started eating a lot of foods on his own like a big boy.
we also started baby gym! and i couldnt have been more impressed with the class and teacher. we had so much fun and i always looked forward to going every friday and loved that corbin could play with babies his own age.
corbin was a cruising machine!
and we got ready for mariners season and our first baseball game!
ryans most favorite picture of corbin eva!
corbin made a new friend scout!
and even took his first ride in a swing! this is the face he had pretty much the whole entire time! sooo happy!
he celebrated his first easter and was the absolute cutest bunny ive ever seen.
{personalized easter bucket bought here}
and we took our first of many spring break vacations to lincoln city! 
he has forever been the happiest little guy ever. he is always exploring and happy and laughing and making noise and i couldnt be happier that he is all mine ours!


  1. Oooh! He looks so cute all dressed in his baseball gear!!

  2. Love the pictures! I love the crocheted hat! I make the same ones for my daughter! I cant wait to make her more for this fall and winter! =)

  3. thanks mandy! we really want to take him to another game soon!

    summer. the crocheted hat is actually one of your pal heidi's creations! we love it!


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