Monday, August 09, 2010

birthday countdown: month one!

oh my tiny, freshly baked corbin. you were worth it all. i've never in my whole life felt love like i felt the instant you were born. i would have laid down and died for you that second if it meant you could live. and i know for sure that your daddy felt the same way.
i dont think we ever stopped staring at you for weeks and weeks.
and i know for sure we never set you down. one of us was always holding you.
wondering how in the world we could be so lucky to have the most perfect baby ever!
i never want to forget the way you looked after you were done nursing and ready to fall back to sleep and how you would stretch your neck out and tilt your head back and i always thought you looked like a little baby turtle. or how many times ryan and i used the little trick of "pumping" your arm up and down and screetching like an oil can would to wake you up to nurse more like the nurses showed us at the hospital.
ps. 512 pictures taken this month!


  1. Your son is so cute and now that he is older he just keeps getting more and more handsome :)

  2. such a beautiful post- and I cannot believe how itty bitty he was! SOOOO cute!


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