Wednesday, August 11, 2010

birthday countdown: month four!

four month old corbin had some tricks up his sleeve. like sitting up all by himself!
he could also roll over
and play air guitar!
he has always loved bath time and it was crazy to watch how much bigger he got everytime we set him in his tub.
and i just looked back on my four month post for him and read that he slept from eight or nine pm til four or five in the morning!?! how did i ever let it go from that to waking up every two to three hours like he does now?

and for anyone who has followed my blog for a while [which is none of you. well except ryan, his grandma, and my niece jaden] you might remember this picture being my header. its a top ten most favorite picture of corbin!
corbin also got his first tooth this month and would often make this silly face as he played around with the new discovery in his mouth.
and i broke down and finally bought corbin a sophie. [amazon had them for like thirteen bucks!] i dont think he LOVES her, but i know he doesnt hate her either. this picture looks like love though.
and we celebrated our very first christmas as a family. i found out i was pregnant the day after christmas the year before so it was the best feeling to be holding a real baby in my arms this year.


  1. Pretty much in love with the name corbin! Thats so cute! I have never head it before (am I living under a rock?)

    What little hunk he is! I am kinda-sorta- in love with his hair! WHAT A HUNK A ROO!!!

    Thanks for following! DITO!

  2. I love, love, LOVE his blue eyes! Have you always lived in Auburn? I graduated from Auburn Riverside!

  3. thanks brittany! i had never heard of it before ryan told me he liked it either! a lot of people have it for a last name though.
    and zwickl family [i dont know your first name!] i grew up in naches and cathlamet. the hubs graduated from auburn high though! what a small world!


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