Wednesday, August 11, 2010

birthday countdown: month five!

corbin was quite the bald five month old. and this is pretty much as close as he ever got to crawling! ha! from here on out he preffered standing and walking holding onto our hands over anything.
i love his three little patches of long hair. [and his adorable smile of course!]
he became pretty animated around this time too. ALWAYS babbling and making the silliest faces!
it was around this time that i got my fancy pants new camera too. cuz you cant totally tell the quality is ten million times better! [but ive never taken it off auto!] and corbin had his first bites of rice cereal towards the end of the month!
and one of the biggest milestones that i had as a mommy came with me leaving corbin for the first time. [it was only four hours but STILL!] him and dad hung out and when he simply refused to drink mommas milk from the bottle [even though we practiced and practiced] i sped drove safely home a little early!
{now im officially caught up on these. expect one post each day up until his first birthday [omg! its getting CLOSER!] sharing a little bit about each month of corbins life!}


  1. I LOVE his patchy hair!! =)
    He is seriously a little stud! So do you have any big plans for Corbin's bday?

  2. thanks. its grown in so much since then! finally!
    corbins 'under the sea' birthday is going to be a big family and friends bbq at the in-laws! im sweating to get all the decorations made in time though!!! cant wait to see your pics!

  3. I love the patchy hair too! I guess I'll be seeing you in Seattle in a couple weeks!

  4. chelsey, i couldnt be any more excited. go ahead and feel free to bring us all bacon maple bars from voodoo donuts too! just sayin' haha!


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