Saturday, August 14, 2010

birthday countdown: month eight!

eight month old corbin LOVED walking with our help. i could seriously walk him around the house the whole day like this and he would be happy. stopping to play at the couch or in his toy baskets. we eventually made our living room into a mini track with all his big toys [like his jumperoo, swing, exersaucer and the couch and rocking chair] where there was always something for him to hold onto and he could cruise around in circles all day long!
oh and we got him a walker to drive around. he got the hang of it quick and enjoyed zooming all over the kitchen in it!
yes, he still loved to eat anything we put on his tray [or that he found on the ground!].
and he also started saying "mamamama" this month. my most favorite words yet and can only be surpassed by "i wuv you" in the future.
we had a lot of adventures this month too. like trips to my moms to comb the beach and see the sand dollar beds.
and more trips to the park where corbins smile never left his face.
and we took a trip to the zoo
and corbin had his first carousel ride there too!
and we took corbin to his first of many mariners games where his dad bought him his very own jersey [and the moose dropped him on his face and we ended up leaving in the second inning but not without promises of being totally spoiled when we choose to come back again!]
this is a little snippet i took from his original eight month post and i think it sums month eight up nicely:
corbin is my most favorite little guy ever. i love his smile and his laugh. they way he looks when he wakes up in the morning. the total excitement when his dad comes home from work every day. the way he plays with his toys and explores everything. or reaches for me when someone else holds him and he wants his mommy back. i love after nap cuddles. and how he tucks his lower lip in when he's investigating something or is in a new place. and how sweet and goofy and absolutely adorable corbin is!

{ps. im in a serious i-dont-feel-like-writing funk. it takes me hours of stopping and starting up again throughout the day to complete these birthday posts. too many things on my mind lately maybe...ugh!}


  1. You little guys is so cute... this birthday countdown got me teary eyed!

  2. Oh I remember the 'Moose dropping him' post!!! Kev and I have been really wanting to go to a mariner game but always space it lol. Maybe a seahawks game?

    P.S. If corbin and Brook ever got married. Their kids would have MASSIVELY curly hair! lol

    I know, Im weird ;)

  3. aw, thanks nessa.

    and corbin and brook would totally have some curly haired kids! the mariners season is still going on til sept i think! you would all have fun! :)


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