Saturday, August 07, 2010

ask me anything questions: ANSWERED!

mandy asked:
do you think you will stay in wa forever?
good question. before we had corbin, ryan and i had big plans to move to san diego, have crappy jobs that barely payed for our bills but we'd live on the beach and have the time of our lives. then i got a job offer making a lot more money than we could have ever imagined and we decided to stay and buy a house. a house that is now in foreclosure. haha so, maybe one day when our kids are grown and on their own. or maybe we'll be lucky enough to just have a vacation home down there.

what is your favorite genre of movie? music?
i love love love movies. however i havent seen a full one since before corbin was born. i would have to say my favorites are romantic comedies. and music? i like all kinds EXCEPT that screaming heavy metal. im a total nerd but if i had to pick i would pick stuff from the late 80's and early 90's like mariah carey, brian adams, madonna, whitney houston, and tracy chapman.

what has been the most rewarding thing about motherhood?
seeing what a happy baby corbin is. his smile makes my day.

what is one thing you'd love to learn how to do?
learn how to use my camera! and then edit my photos. i havent taken my camera off auto the entire time i've had it. its so intimidating to me.

who are your celebrity crushes?
james dean!

jess asked:
where did you meet your husband?
i've told the story here and here. basically we met at a job doing customer service for verizon wireless when we were both nineteen.

what is your favorite color?
to look at? probably yellow. but to wear? grey and black. so boring, i know.

did you go to college?
for like half a year i did. right out of highschool. but i ran out of scholarship money and was too lazy to try for more.

where did corbin get his curls from?
this is corbin's grandad [ryan's dad]. i think this picture sums it up nicely.

do you have any siblings?
yes. one sister. we are eleven years apart. love, love, love her!

favorite band?
i dont really have one.

do you shower in the morning or night?
shower? whats that? just kidding. i shower mostly at night when ryan is home. i've tried putting corbin in the bathroom and let him play with the toilet toys while i shower and he just freaks out.

are you still breastfeeding?
yes! before i was pregnant i always told myself i would breastfeed until corbin was one but i dont see us stopping anytime soon. i plan on letting him tell me when he's done.

your favorite chore to do?
is this serious? i hate chores. but if i had to pick one i guess i would pick...folding corbins laundry. he has the most organized and nicest folded laundry in the house!

how long have you been with your husband?
we've been dating for almost eight years [this october] and married for almost four [on august 26th].

how many kids would you want?
two or three. if the next one is a boy we might try one more time...

allie asked:
what does the name corbin mean?
ryan has always loved the name corbin and first heard it on that movie with bruce willis, the fifth element. but in the movie it was spelled korben. he also loves the movie major league and one of the actors is corbin bernsen. a kid in high school musical is named corbin too and i was so scared it would really start to get popular but i dont think it really has.

was he a planned baby?
yes. ryan has wanted kids since like the first night i met him! haha i was soooo scared beings i'm terrified of even getting my ears pierced [it took me until i was like twenty-four to get them done!]. slowly but surely he talked me into it and now i wish i was working on kid two or three right now! i love me some babies!

what's your favorite outfit?
right now? nothing. all my clothes fit me so weird after having corbin. im a total jeans, cute shirt or tank, and sandals girl.

if you could travel anywhere where would you go?
austraila! and i'd want to spend an entire month there and explore the whole country! and i want to hold a koala bear!!!

would you rather visit the moon or the bottom of the ocean?
what a great question! i really had to think about it. i think i'd rather go to the moon. space is soooo interesting!

do you two want to have more children?
yes please! at least one. maybe two.

what did you do before you were a sahm?
i worked for a utility company basically processing applications for large housing development companies to put the utilities in the ground before they built the homes.

annie asked:
do you wash your hair every day?
oh dear sweet annie. ha! i dont even take a shower every day. but before corbin i did not. every other day. my hair on day two is better than when its freshly washed.

what is your favorite kind of gum?
juicy fruit! is gonna move ya. soft and sweet it gets right to ya! juicy fruit, the taste the taste is gonna moooove ya! yeah! [or at least thats how i remember the lyrics!]


  1. Oh my gosh!! I totally love 80's and 90's music!! Bryan Adams is amazing. And I totally forgot about juicy fruit gum! You've inspired me to go get some, I forgot how much I love that stuff. Ha ha.

  2. somehow i had missed this post! :( i love your answers!!


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