Friday, August 06, 2010

adam and katie's wedding weekend!

last friday we headed to bellingham to celebrate one of ryan's longest and best friends wedding! i'd never been to bellingham [besides just driving past on the freeway on our way to canada] but i absolutely fell in love with the little town. they say its a "college town" but i never got that feel from it. i felt like i could go to the grocery store in my pj's and nobody would look twice at me. or even once for that matter. not because they think im gross, but because they could just care less. everyone is so laid back and friendly! two whole blocks were dedicated to a farmers market where a group of young girls walked around dressed like fairies. there were people on the street corners holding big banners that said, "PEACE". there was a sidewalk chalk art festival. people walked everywhere. and biked. i am nothing outside of normal so why i love to be around people who are so different is beyond me. i think i like how they do as they please and seem so free. or maybe im a hippie deep down. plus, there is a target. and a community food co-op. and i want to go back so bad to show that town my amazing hula hooping skillz at the hula hoop marathon next weekend! because i am seriously a hula hooping champion. ive won more than one contest in my day. i could hula hoop non-stop from now til the end of time without it falling. its kind of a big deal. but moving on to our vacation...

on the way up corbin got to experience his first car wash. minimal tears were shed.
because traffic sucked we were running late to the rehearsal dinner so we dropped ryan off for the rehearsal and corbin and i quickly went to check into our hotel and change before the dinner started. dinner was at the hearthfire grill [delish!] and right next to the marina where beautiful sailboats and yachts cruised in and out.
the next day was THE WEDDING at the hotel bellwether! the whole morning it rained and was so cloudy but luckily the skies opened up right before the ceremony and they were able to get married outside like they'd planned! here is ryan and janelle walking down the aisle.
and katie and her dad! she looked so beautiful and her dress was GORGEOUS!
this one was taken with my little, cheap camera so i cant imagine what the photographers pictures looked like. isnt that sky amazing!?!
here's where corbin sat for the ceremony while he played in the dirt in his white outfit and ate his weight in puffs to keep quiet.
playing with his trucks after the wedding. he fell twice and got two pretty red bumps on his forehead!
ryan looked so handsome in his tux!
adam and katie are seriously two of the most thoughtful people ever. all the kids had these goodie bags waiting for them at their seats full of coloring books and crayons and tonka trucks and stickers and snacks!
here they are! mister and misses schukantz!
ryan giving his co-best man speech!
i was looking thru all my photos of the happy couple and was like, "man i got some good shots. they are always smiling in every picture" but really they were smiling the entire night! i dont think you could have got a bad shot if you tried. they are so sweet!!!
this picture pretty much sums up corbins night. he has so much fun.
dancing the night away!
adam and corbin! i wanted a picture with the beautiful bride and corbin but she was always being whisked away somewhere.
when corbin was ready for bed [at ten thirty!] i drove around the parking lot for like two seconds and he zonked out while i waited for ryan to finish his best man duties. like writing on the newlyweds car! i love this shot from the outside of the venue. everyone was having so much fun in there. a creepy couple even stood outside for an hour peeking in the windows and dancing to their music. for the first ten minutes i thought it was kinda cute but after an hour it turned into creeps-ville.
here's our photo booth shots! i think corbin was talking on his cell phone. and thanks to my trickster husband who said, "no silly faces" but when the pictures printed out look what i see...SILLY FACE!
the next morning we woke up late. took advantage of free breakfast.
packed up our stuff and headed home. we took a scenic route thru chuckanut drive. it was so pretty!
i couldnt be more happy for adam and katie. they were truly meant for eachother and i have no doubt they will be together happily in love forever and ever!


  1. it looks like a really great night. and corbin is obviously the life of the party!

  2. fun! garrison and i both went to college in bellingham, we lived there for 3-4 years. i miss that city, it really is as magical and wonderful as you think. seriously. some of the nicest, most laid back people you will ever meet. everyone is really creative and fun and carefree. also, did you know that at one of the beaches, there is a secret tree house built from random things that wash up on shore?

    garrison and i got married at a park in bellingham...not the one your friends did (that was our first choice, if i remember right but it was booked). ahhhh, the memories!

    a NW playdate would be so much fun! emily b. talked about meeting up a month or two ago, so hopefully she'd still be able to come...yay!!

  3. jess. the old women could not get enough of him. it was so funy.

    allie. i didnt know all that! western is where these two went and met and got engaged! so thats why their wedding was there. i love your wedding pictures too btw! i want to go back and take corbin to that tree house! how neat!


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