Sunday, August 29, 2010


ok. im totally addicted to these paper mama photo challenges. here's my entry for this weeks challenge: self!
its me picking blueberries at a farm down the road! i kept seeing my shadow out of the corner of my eye and thought it looked kinda neat. so i took a picture!

The Paper Mama

Saturday, August 28, 2010

corbin's bedroom...or lack there of.

the poor little guy, we use his room to store all our extra crap that doesnt have a place and all his toys and things he doesnt use anymore. it was fine when he was smaller but now that he can actually run around and play i really want him to have a room of his own. because we didnt know beforehand if we were having a boy or girl we really didnt get into the nursery decorating too much. we bought what we needed in neutral colors and that was it. so with all his new birthday toys and all the toys he already had we were running out of room to store them all. i've been looking online for months trying to find some sort of toy box or storage system i liked AND could afford. ANYWAY i was wondering around the most magical place on earth, target, the other day [oh wait did you think i meant disneyland!?!] and i found these cute little storage bins to go in this cute little cubey shelf thing and i instantly loved it! umm, plus it was so much cheaper than the three sprouts or dwell studio ones i really wanted!

so im drawing inspiration from this to continue completing corbins room. oh, plus i already have these hanging on the wall from ikea.
 i bought them because they were cheap like five years ago and used the frames for our bedroom but kept the prints tucked away safe for the day we had a baby of our own. i love the bright colors and silly pictures. and corbin is always pointing to them so i think that means he likes them too!

twelve months old!

as usual, corbin has been busy learning tons of new things this past month! my favorite new trick is dancing! its the cutest thing ever how he bends his knees and bounces up and down. how he can just be walking like normal, hear music, and immediately start dancing as if his body just can not help itself! most often he will start dancing for you by just saying the word, "dance" or if you start singing, "its the wiggles, its the wiggles dancing with our friends!". he loves throwing balls and clapping afterwards because he's so proud of himself!he finally waves most of the time when you say, "bye bye" and a little bit less of the time when you say, "hi". he knows the meaning of the word "outside" and will look at you all confused and excited and then run to the door. and he also knows the words "eat" because i swear he could eat something every second of every day and the word "tractor" because his great grandma nana takes him on rides on her lawn mower almost every day! right before i started writing this post i asked corbin where his balloon was and he pointed up in the air to it. so i got all curious and was like, this kid is so much smarter than i could ever imagine so i took him to his room and set him down in the middle not facing anything in particular and asked him to get me his truck. and he walked right over to his truck and started playing with it. so then i asked him to get me his ball and a book and his toy tractor and he did all three! long story short, he's pretty much a genius baby!

another new trick is that he can eat with a fork if he has a little help from us getting the food on it first. and just when i figured out how to not get my finger bitten off when i need to fish something like a rock or food off the floor from who knows how many days ago out of his mouth by placing one finger on the side of his mouth so when he bites down its just gums and then the other finger is used for fishing-he has to go and get his back molars in! which brings his teeth total to TEN! like always though, he handles teething like a champ and there is no extra whining. just really drooly shirts and bibs.

and he's obsessed with doors. opening them. closing them. getting his fingers smashed in them. his favorite game to play is with his dad where ryan sits outside the room and corbin closes the door on him, runs to the chair, then runs back to open the door so ryan can say, "peek a boo" and corbin cracks up and does it over and over. each time making sure to run to the chair before he opens the door up again. he's so silly! and i can keep him entertained while i get ready for the day by letting him close the bathroom door and then i open it and he closes it and i open it and he closes it and i open it get my point.

he's getting better at playing by himself too and i can already see his imagination growing. its so fun to watch him and wonder just what he's thinking. the other day he would run into the computer room, twirl the computer chair around while babbling away, then run to the couch in the living room, babble some more, and then run back to spin the computer chair again. over and over he did it. laughing at himself the whole time.

we've said adios to pacifiers completely too! and im so glad corbin did it all by himself. although we only used them at bed and nap time, its still nice to not have to worry about where a binky is!

some other random facts about corbin. he sits up in his sleep and then flops over seconds later and always crawls to the top of his crib too. he knows when he's doing something he's not supposed to you and always gives me that look like, come on, say no to this adorable face. i dare ya! he startles easily and is scared of an elmo book he got for his birthday. he likes to stick his finger in his nose. we've successfully introduced egg whites, peanut butter, and strawberries. with no food allergies in either of our families i wasnt too worried about it anyways. he likes to lick things. like full on tongue all over the place lick! he loves to read books and play with tires and has started to climb in, on, and around everything!

he turns more into a little toddler boy every day and i cant wait to see what the next year brings as he starts on the path to TWO!

Friday, August 27, 2010

rock on corbin!

yesterday morning i was straightening my hair when in walked corbin. i couldnt resist putting the flat iron on those curls! i wanted to do his whole head but i can only imagine how bad it must be for his perfect little hair that hasn't been touched by anything but burts bees baby shampoo!
a couple squirts of the spray bottle and his curls sprung right back!

flashback friday!

me and my best dog pal, sadie! i was probably five or six in my most favorite dress ever!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

four years.

i have a hard time finding the right words lately for all of these occasions. i feel like im saying the same things over and over or resorting to the most cliche of terms. but really, i love my family more than words. i am so happy to be married to my best friend. the love of my life. the man of my dreams. the guy who i met eight years ago and wished and hoped and prayed that he would like me back because i immediately had the biggest crush on him. and now here we are today. married and parents. and i am so lucky they are the two people that i wake up with every morning and share my life with.
love, love, love you ryan!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

corbin's under the sea first birthday party!

last saturday all our closest friends and family gathered at ryan's parents house to celebrate corbins first birthday under-the-sea style!
{i wish i would have taken a picture when ALL the food was out because, woah, there was a lot!}

my niece and her two friends came over in the morning and made all the cupcakes while i was next door decorating!
they looked amazing and tasted delicious!
the bathroom mirror!
corbins birthday headquarters!
 i'm bummed the 'happy birthday' banner is so hard to read! i learned my lesson to use the decorated paper as the background and the solid paper for the letters! next year...
close ups of the banners!
this banner was on the side of the house for everyone to see when they first came back to the deck.
his birthday hat was super easy to make and i love how it turned out! i just got a template online, cut out a '1' and added some cut up streamers to the top!
the present table! i bought the book, happy birthday to you by dr suess and had everyone leave corbin a birthday wish inside!
and this is the sign at the main road letting everyone know where the party's at!
my three cupcake heroes! jaden, kaya, and angela! thank you so so much girls!!!
the fam haging out on the deck! and grandad todd behind the grill!
corbin eating dinner
before he dug into his birthday cupcake and everyone sang him happy birthday!
he had to try out both flavors!
{i put that darn banner on his highchair backwards! oh well.}
i cant believe we have a one year old!!!
dad wants a bite!
opening presents!
all corbin's birthday goodies!!! he's one lucky little boy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

our evening.

my house is a disaster. i have more cardboard boxes laying around than all the homeless people in seattle combined. its next to impossible to clean with corbin around because he loves to do things like climb on the dishwasher and play with knives! if i do manage to clean something, the second i turn around its a mess again thanks to him! ryan has been working with his dad every afternoon once they are off work putting a new well in our backyard and so this evening i gave up. corbin helped me blend up the frozen bananas, strawberries, and blueberries in the freezer {jess, im so thankful you posted that recipe because we eat this every other day!}and we sat on the couch and watched cartoons and snuggled together until he was ready for bed.
and this is whats happening back there! corbin loves that tractor as long as he doesnt get too close. whenever we come home and he sees it he points and says something that sounds like, "tra ta"!

Friday, August 20, 2010

corbin's first birthday celebration!

we had so much fun celebrating corbin's very first birthday! the morning started with a visit from grammy and a delicious breakfast of eggs, homemade blueberry pancakes and some cantaloupe!
{and dont worry, i cup the pancake up after this picture}
then we headed to the tacoma waterfront for lunch at the ram!
and i can never resist taking pictures of my guys!
my eyes are totally closed in this picture but its the only one from the day with all three of us!
i'm one!
[okay, he's really just pointing at this huge soccer ball they had hanging from the ceiling but still!]
when dinner was over the waitress, who was IN LOVE with corbin, brought him a birthday mud pie that me and ryan helped him eat! mmmm!
after lunch we headed to the zoo! corbin is obsessed with pushing things around lately. his most favorite is a shopping cart, but his stroller will do!
he's so in love with that kid!
and i am too!
woah corbin you're really tall!
like i said, cant get enough!
after a fun {and a little bit hot and exhausting} time at the zoo we headed to red robin and met up with the rest of our families for dinner! corbin opened a lot of presents
and got another treat!
they even sang him, "happy happy birthday!" i love how everyone in this picture has a huge smile on their face!
yay for being one and getting to eat ice cream!!!
after dinner we took corbin to play at discovery park or maybe its called les grove park. whatever its called, its amazing and im SHOCKED i cant find a single picture online of the whole thing. its the coolest park ever!
dont mind me, im just one walking around with some sticks.
and then we let him eat his birthday cupcake! at first he wasnt sure about it.
still a little uncertain...
ok, he's getting the hang of it!
after a long day of being a birthday boy, a ride on your dad's shoulder is just what you need.
thanks to everyone who made corbin's birthday so special. we had the funnest day!
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