Friday, July 02, 2010

why didnt i think of this sooner!

the other night we decided to side car corbins crib to our bed. we followed the directions here. after taking the entire crib apart in corbins room to fit it thru the door and then putting it all back together again, we went to lowes and picked up some bungee cords, and like overnight magic, ryan and i have our sleeping space back! corbin can sleep sideways all he wants! and when corbin wakes up to nurse, im right there to do it! im so in love with this new set up! and it makes me feel good to be using the crib and matress that were so expensive.

his bassinet/pack-n-play was great but since he was used to sleeping on our soft matress i dont think he liked the firmness of the bassinet. nevermind that i would have to get up when he cried, bring him into bed, nurse him, wait for him to fall back to sleep and then hope he didnt wake up when i had to get up to put him back in it! this is so much easier and really works for us.

and whenever i get frustrated by someone telling me that "he needs to sleep in his own bed" i have this post bookmarked and it helps me remember why we do it and how much i really do enjoy having corbin there by my side each night.


  1. First of all, your baby boy is so adorable! Second, thanks for following my blog! We have been co-sleeping with our baby girl since she was 3 weeks old and it is so wonderful! It is much easier to nurse this way and I get more sleep, too! I have thought about making her crib into a side car for when she is older and taking up more room. I'm glad to see it worked for someone else!

  2. great set up! We still have Hayley in our room too. I hate the bed-PNP transfer.

  3. I am WAY late responding to this post (just saw it!), but we loved our side-car set up as well. Are you guys still using this arrangement?


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