Tuesday, July 06, 2010

we're havin' a heat waaaave...

and corbin doesnt like it one bit! honestly though, um, its summer and its ABOUT TIME! i tried to take him outside today so i could try and get a tan he could walk around and play in the grass but he just whined the whole time. [we were only out there for like five minutes]
{look at his sweaty little curls! poor guy}
the rest of the week is supposed to be even hotter. luckily my mom invited us to her pool again and i'm really excited to take corbin to one of those spray parks where the water comes shooting up from the ground! now that he can walk around im so curious to see how he will like it.


  1. hot little baby, awwww. i was wondering why my mom hadn't called me in a couple days...now i know they are probably off swimming somewhere! lucky!

  2. your heat wave is hilarious! it was 101 degrees today. poor corbin though. :(

  3. he looks like how i feel any time i get out there in this crap. it's been in the near90s here with like a billion percent humidity for days and days. hate it.

  4. He does look so miserable, yet so cute!

    Thanks for following my blog! I'm excited to catch up on yours and read all about baby Corbin!


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