Monday, July 12, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

jess over at irocksowhat [whose blog i totally love and am so happy i found and she has one of the cutest little boys EVER!] tagged me to take pictures of my favorite things around the house. i honestly dont have any style when it comes to decorating. i'd love to have my house look like the pages of a pottery barn catalog i just have no idea how to do it. or money for that matter!
clockwise: cutest little hold-everything basket, picture of me and my dog sadie [one of my most favorite pictures of me growing up], the cutest chickens in my kitchen, artwork in corbins bedroom.
left to right: my fridge covered in my favorite pictures and magnets and an urban outfitters hook i spray painted black.
clockwise: the top of corbins dresser, a picture of the original starbucks in my kitchen my mom bought me at a thrift store,  my backyard! [which is really my husbands parents yard two houses down but still], my basket of yarn and sewing/crocheting box that dont get used often enough.
now i tag:
last train to pooksville

as i was putting these pictures together my husband was in the room playing video games and was all, "what is that stuff for?" and i told him and he said, "well why arent you taking pictures of my tv? or my xbox? or the toilet? or the case of pepsi in the fridge?" guys are so weird!


  1. that is so HILARIOUS that your husband said that. my husband thinks our tv is pretty amazing, and the ps3 under the tv is probably his mistress. i hate that thing. i just have to tell you, i love that catch all/fruit basket. i'm currently using a giant ceramic bowl, and i just don't like it.

    and i LOVE urban outfitters!

  2. so funny that your husband said that! i took all of my pics when he was out of the house because i knew he'd give me crap about it :) I love your house, so adorable!!!

  3. Thanks for tagging me!! Im going to have to get busy busy busy tomorrow taking some pictures!

    FYI, Your husband sounds just like mine...

  4. ok thanks for tagging me! and i swear i'm working on it! haha it just takes me a while... :)

  5. love that little basket! we had one like that growing up! oooh, and i just added your button! :-)

  6. Thanks for tagging me. Our place is north facing and gets terrible light so it makes for awful photos. But I'm working on it.


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