Saturday, July 17, 2010

saturday fun!

saturday was a busy day for us. up first was ryan's company picnic at lake tapps where we enjoyed lunch and some fun at the many bouncy houses!
because it was a colder day there was no getting in the water for us so after we played and ate we left so corbin could get a good nap in before our next adventure.
the honeysett family annual pig roast! [ew! but it was fun introducing corbin to so much of his family that he's never even met before!] 
and corbin loved listening to these guys playing their guitars and singing. he would walk right over and stand in the middle of them!
when we got home, ryan started the bbq [because neither of us will eat pork straight off a freshly roasted big! so sad and way too gross to think about] and i gave corbin a bath. he loves the big tub!
then it was off to sleep.
up next...tomorrow corbin turns ELEVEN MONTHS OLD! someone please tell me how this happened?


  1. Eleven months, WOW! His smile is totally contagious, I love how it makes his eyes light up. We used to have so many family reunions at Lake Tapps...I'm pretty sure. Oh the memories!

  2. thank u allie! he smiles and i never get sick of seeing it! family reunions at lake tapps!!! FUN! its cool because ry's work own their own private part of the lake/shore so only workers can go there and its not so crowded and its free!


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