Saturday, July 10, 2010

look what just came in the mail!

um, this whole first birthday thing sure is getting to me. it was fine as i sat by myself at the kitchen table making decorations but when other people THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW start sending me crap like this in the mail-thats when i realized i cant stop this. corbin is turning one whether i want to believe it or not.
i find it funny that i enjoy my birthdays, whether im getting old or not. and never understood why people hate getting older because we have no control over it, so why not just enjoy the time. but here i am living in denial that in less than two months i am going to have a one year old. so i've decided that im going to stop worrying about it. and get excited about it. soak up every second. because theres nothing i can do to stop it.


  1. i know exactly how you feel! wyatt has an entire month longer than corbin, but i'm still seriously so bummed. why does he have to grow up? i want him to be a baby forever!

  2. hey i cant seem to find your email so i'm letting you know here - you won the ecomom giveaway on my blog! if you can email me with your full name and email address i can pass that along to the people at ecomom. congrats!
    and happy almost 1 year to corbin! my daughter will be one in september :]

  3. I hope that when Harper turns one I look at it as positively as you! You're right, though, we should embrace getting older and enjoy every moment that we can!

  4. In ONE month I will be planning and 1st bday part....yikes! Ill probably cry the whole time lol.

    I know the feeling tho. I am actually starting to get excited though, now that Ive been buying some really cute and fun stuff! =)


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