Saturday, July 24, 2010

keys: sometimes you lock them in stuff, other times they find you love.

this morning corbin woke up to ryans alarm. at four thirty in the morning! and  he was instantly wide awake. crawling all over me and ryan. so i took the opportunity to make ryan his lunch [something i havent done in like over a year probably!] while corbin played around in the kitchen. once ryan was gone, corbin and i sat in the rocking chair and he fell back to sleep. i clipped his tiny finger nails and as soon as i layed him down in bed the phone rang. he slept through the first call and i was relieved! but then the phone rang again and i knew since it was six in the morning it had to be ryan. when i answered, and corbin woke up crying, he told me he had locked his keys in his truck with the overhead light on! oh great. i told him that i would be there when he got off work [he drives a total of like three hundred miles a day up north so its not like he could just wait around for me to come whenever] with jumper cables and the spare key. ok, so to make this long story short he ended up having an insanely nice co-worker call triple a [aaa?] to get the keys out. bla, bla, bla!

all that to say that it got me thinking of one of the first times ryan and i even talked to each other. we worked at the same place and since our training class started at eleven and many of the regular workers were already there earlier in the morning we had to park our cars on the street instead of the parking lot. every day we would have to park a block or two away. one morning i parked my car and looked in my rear view mirror only to see ryan's car slowly driving up the street behind me looking for somewhere to park. i had to get out of the car! he has to see me before he drives past! should i wave? or act like i dont even notice he's there?! so i quickly grabbed my purse, opened the door, got out, slammed the door shut, and smiled his way just as he passed by. once the butterflies stopped fluttering around in my brain i heard my car still running. no big deal, right? but the door was locked. I LOCKED THE DOOR WITH MY CAR STILL RUNNING!

on a normal day i would have just called my sister, who i was living with at the time, and asked her to bring my spare key down but she was conveniently out of town that day. so instead i just stood there and panicked. and then i went into work and panicked some more. not wanting to leave my running car alone for one second beings someone could just come smash a window and drive off with it in like two seconds.

i dont remember the specifics of how the next things happened but ryan, who i'd barely spoken any words to [besides that one time we were walking out the door to lunch kind of at the same time and i got all gutsy and flirty and said to him, "where you taking me for lunch?" and he replied, "im going to my grandmas. wanna come along?" um. no thanks.] offered to let me DRIVE HIS CAR to my sisters house. he offered a STRANGER [me] to drive his car! and so i did. and probably wondered the entire drive if this meant he liked me?! the guy i'd had the biggest crush on. [i think he did] and that was the beginning of us. the start to our friendship that eventually turned into a relationship then to marriage and now parents. the best eight years of my whole life.

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  1. such a cute story, hahaha! it's so great how much happens in such a short amount of time. i bet that day you would never guessed that 6-7 years later you two would have a cute little family together!


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