Saturday, July 24, 2010

free fun at the childrens museum of tacoma!

thursday corbin and i headed to tacoma for free market play day at the children's museum of tacoma. FOR FREE! [ps. i find most all the fun things we do at parent map. you can customize it to your area! chick checkity check it out!] when we first got there i set him down and he just stood there. stimulation overload! when he finally did start to move after a couple minutes, he headed straight for the blocks, picked up two, and started banging them together. just like at home. after about ten minutes of that i decided i would go start playing with something and see if he'd follow me. and he did. and then he was all over the place from then on. walking in huge circles around the whole museum over and over. carrying either a plasitc banana from the "market" or a wooden fish the whole time!
{poor teething corbin can soak thru his shirt in seconds!}
{ooop! dropped my fish!}
corbin only got knocked over by bigger, running out of control kids fell down twice and had the funnest time! after about an hour and a half he started to get fussy so i scooped him up and we went outside where the farmers market was going on and watched some street performers and bought a bunch of carrots and some apricots with the change i had floating around in my purse! we'll definitely be back again before the summer is over!


  1. now i really want to move back home! how fun!

  2. jess. thats funny u say that because everyone there was like, "oh he's so tiny!" haha

    and allie! check out that parent map. you can find all sorts of stuff where you live! i wish i could take him to all the concerts in the park things i see but he's usually asleep by the time they start! maybe next summer...

  3. Looks like so much fun!! Can't wait till Bennett is old enough to take him there!! Cute pics!

  4. this sounds so neat!
    i'm glad you guys had a fun day. :)


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