Wednesday, July 21, 2010

eleven months old.

{eleven month sign courtesy of ryan this month!}

last night as after i nursed corbin at bedtime, i layed there with him rubbing his belly and sang, "you are my sunshine". he lifted his hand in the air with his pointer finger pointing at the ceiling and it very slowly fell  back down to his side as he fell asleep.

he was trying to tell me something with that finger. he was rubbing it in my face that being ONE is right around the corner. im sure of it!

but for now lets just focus on all of the many new tricks corbin has learned this past month! like clapping! i'd been practicing with him every morning for weeks. i would sing, "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands" and the abc's while clapping. and then i would sing it again but i would clap his hands together and one morning he just did it! and he hasn't stopped since. most times if i say, "yaaaaaay!" or sing the, "if you're happy and you know it" song he will clap. and sometimes he just does it on his own. cutest. thing. ever. he can also do the hand motion for waving but he does that just whenever he wants. not when we're saying, "hi" or, "bye-bye" to someone. he copies us when we stick our tongue in and out, smack our lips, and click our tongue. 
he knows the word, 'bite" and will come running from anywhere in the house to get whatever it is im feeding him. if you make a huge production when he sneezes, and by huge production i mean saying,, "bless you" really loud while throwing your arms in the air, then he will fake sneeze forever after that until i get tired of being a spaz and direct his attention elsewhere. and his newest thing is copying stomping on the floor. it looks like he's running in place kind of. or marching. its so funny to watch his little legs try to pound down on the floor loud enough to make a noise. here he's studying his dad doing it.

he's mastered crawling but only does it when he's trying to get somewhere to pull up and then off he goes walking. and while i am so proud of corbin for going straight to walking i feel like i missed out on the cuteness that would have been crawling corbin! so whenever he does it i love to watch him!
he loves watching big trucks drive by and riding on the tractor with his great grandma nana! he'll go straight to the window when he hears a noise that sounds anything like a tractor does.
his favorite toys are shoes, ziploc bags, the garbage can, his wooden alphabet blocks and this tupperware lid.
he's figured out how to open drawers and cupboards and loves all the new things he can explore!
so we made him a drawer of his own! i really wish we had room to make him his own cupboard though. i could really see him loving going inside it and closing the door since he's recently started liking going into his closet in his room.
{ps. ryan, next time you're looking for your playstation controller i would check out corbin's drawer!}
corbin pretty much eats everything. besides the obvious foods babies aren't supposed to eat like honey and peanut butter. although ryan did give corbin a taste of peanut butter lately so i guess i cant use that one. new foods this month include: cucumbers, tomatoes, morning star chicken nuggets [my fave!], halibut, cod, ONE french fry,  banana bread, cherries, kiwi, crackers, smoked salmon, pork [straight from a roasted pig! eek!], goldfish crackers, and...a popcicle. it was a hot day. there was a three year around and corbin wanted one too! um, it was grape? does that make it better? and he barely ate any of it anyways. he didnt know how to hold onto the handle so it was too cold for him to hold! afterwards he was purple from head to toe! im sure he's eaten much more than just whats listed because we are always giving him bites of whatever is on our plates. his favorite foods though are: cheese, avocado, blue berries, and bananas. and he also loves chewing on the seeds of fruit like mangoes and nectarines!
i've been busting out the family-friendly cookbooks [like deceptively delicious] and trying to make more complex meals for him lately. last night i made spaghetti from scratch with whole wheat pasta and homeade sauce [a total hit! but totally messy!] and tonight is turkey meatloaf!

corbin also got a new tooth this month. [bottom, left hand side of his two middle ones]. luckily he's never really been a fussy teether but he sure drools a lot! he is scared of my blow dryer and the shower and the faucet in the bath tub all of a sudden. which makes it pretty much impossible to shower when ryan isnt home. and he's given up on the binky all by himself. he only used it while he slept but now he barely wants it even then. [yay! for not having to fight taking it from him when he's older!] he nurses four times a day. and 462 times at night. takes two naps. one usually an hour, the other two. he wears size three diapers. fits into 6-12 and 12+ size clothes. oh, and he plays pretty good by himself sometimes while mommy watches the real housewives of new jersey cleans up the house!
and i guess thats it. he's still the sweetest, cutest, happiest, baby boy ever! ryan and i ask eachother every single day how in the world could he have gotten any cuter than yesterday but somehow he does! and i dont just mean his looks. his whole personality makes him so sweet and adorable! on to my favorite pictures of the month! and time for me to start getting real about this first birthday party planning!
{father's day!}
{pretty much walks around like this all day}
{neked baby pool time!}
{oh yes i did. sorry teenager corbin!}


  1. omg, he is too cute!
    my kids have always had 'drawers' too! i love it!

  2. Oh my goodness, so cute!! I was looking at all the photos on your sidebar- my son has a bunch of the same clothes! Cute!

  3. i feel like corbin is so advanced! awesome.

  4. Your little man is so cute!
    I love his curls. :)

  5. oh god i love the "pretty much walks around like this all day" pictures! happy 11 months to corbin!

  6. This post just made my day.
    1. He is so stinkin cute.
    2. I love the picture of how he walks around all day.
    3. Girly Corbin is equally as cute :)


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