Thursday, July 29, 2010

tomato, tomoto!

last night as i was cooking dinner, corbin swooped in the veggie drawer and snuck away with a tomato. within seconds he had bit into it so i got him naked, washed the tomato off, and let him go to town!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

five random things.

one. i suck at using a sewing machine.

two. i made this delicious treat for breakfast. its almost gone.

three. corbin stood up yesterday for the first time by himself. like without holding onto anything. just stuck his butt up in the air and stood. [i think he's a late bloomer on this because he never crawled]. oh, and he's recently learned to crawl up mimi and grandad's stairs. so cute!

four. this morning i was sitting on the couch. corbin picked up a book, walked over to me, and put his arms up like he wanted me to pick him up. we spent the next thirty minutes reading.

five. we're headed to bellingham this weekend for a friends wedding. im so excited for a little vacation. and to go swimming in the pool with corbin. and to get all dressed up.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

absolute favorite!

im so excited to join in on the paper mama's photo challenge this week for the first time! ryan and i were just looking at pictures of corbin this morning and he pointed out his favorite and i told him that this one was mine.
i think he looks absolutely, well, perfect. but i can say that cuz im his mom!

check out the other entries or submit your most favorite picture of your little bundle here:
The Paper Mama

my how time flies!

corbin at the river last summer:
{less than one month old}

corbin at the river today:
{weeks away from being a one year old}

Saturday, July 24, 2010

these are too cute not to share!

some days, to give mommy a little break, corbin gets to ride on daddy's shoulders over to his mimi and grandad's house! he recently got a new table and four chairs for him and all his friends to sit around and he just loves playing trucks on it! he looks like such a big kid!

free fun at the childrens museum of tacoma!

thursday corbin and i headed to tacoma for free market play day at the children's museum of tacoma. FOR FREE! [ps. i find most all the fun things we do at parent map. you can customize it to your area! chick checkity check it out!] when we first got there i set him down and he just stood there. stimulation overload! when he finally did start to move after a couple minutes, he headed straight for the blocks, picked up two, and started banging them together. just like at home. after about ten minutes of that i decided i would go start playing with something and see if he'd follow me. and he did. and then he was all over the place from then on. walking in huge circles around the whole museum over and over. carrying either a plasitc banana from the "market" or a wooden fish the whole time!
{poor teething corbin can soak thru his shirt in seconds!}
{ooop! dropped my fish!}
corbin only got knocked over by bigger, running out of control kids fell down twice and had the funnest time! after about an hour and a half he started to get fussy so i scooped him up and we went outside where the farmers market was going on and watched some street performers and bought a bunch of carrots and some apricots with the change i had floating around in my purse! we'll definitely be back again before the summer is over!

keys: sometimes you lock them in stuff, other times they find you love.

this morning corbin woke up to ryans alarm. at four thirty in the morning! and  he was instantly wide awake. crawling all over me and ryan. so i took the opportunity to make ryan his lunch [something i havent done in like over a year probably!] while corbin played around in the kitchen. once ryan was gone, corbin and i sat in the rocking chair and he fell back to sleep. i clipped his tiny finger nails and as soon as i layed him down in bed the phone rang. he slept through the first call and i was relieved! but then the phone rang again and i knew since it was six in the morning it had to be ryan. when i answered, and corbin woke up crying, he told me he had locked his keys in his truck with the overhead light on! oh great. i told him that i would be there when he got off work [he drives a total of like three hundred miles a day up north so its not like he could just wait around for me to come whenever] with jumper cables and the spare key. ok, so to make this long story short he ended up having an insanely nice co-worker call triple a [aaa?] to get the keys out. bla, bla, bla!

all that to say that it got me thinking of one of the first times ryan and i even talked to each other. we worked at the same place and since our training class started at eleven and many of the regular workers were already there earlier in the morning we had to park our cars on the street instead of the parking lot. every day we would have to park a block or two away. one morning i parked my car and looked in my rear view mirror only to see ryan's car slowly driving up the street behind me looking for somewhere to park. i had to get out of the car! he has to see me before he drives past! should i wave? or act like i dont even notice he's there?! so i quickly grabbed my purse, opened the door, got out, slammed the door shut, and smiled his way just as he passed by. once the butterflies stopped fluttering around in my brain i heard my car still running. no big deal, right? but the door was locked. I LOCKED THE DOOR WITH MY CAR STILL RUNNING!

on a normal day i would have just called my sister, who i was living with at the time, and asked her to bring my spare key down but she was conveniently out of town that day. so instead i just stood there and panicked. and then i went into work and panicked some more. not wanting to leave my running car alone for one second beings someone could just come smash a window and drive off with it in like two seconds.

i dont remember the specifics of how the next things happened but ryan, who i'd barely spoken any words to [besides that one time we were walking out the door to lunch kind of at the same time and i got all gutsy and flirty and said to him, "where you taking me for lunch?" and he replied, "im going to my grandmas. wanna come along?" um. no thanks.] offered to let me DRIVE HIS CAR to my sisters house. he offered a STRANGER [me] to drive his car! and so i did. and probably wondered the entire drive if this meant he liked me?! the guy i'd had the biggest crush on. [i think he did] and that was the beginning of us. the start to our friendship that eventually turned into a relationship then to marriage and now parents. the best eight years of my whole life.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


the three of us had a friend of mine from high school, rachel take some family pictures of us while she was in town last week and the sneak peek is in! im so excited and couldn't be more in love with how they turned out!
check out the rest of the pictures from her washington visit here. and for all you washingtonians, dont worry. she will be back next year! or maybe even sooner!!! and anyone who lives in the san luis obispo area go check her out! like NOW! go!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

eleven months old.

{eleven month sign courtesy of ryan this month!}

last night as after i nursed corbin at bedtime, i layed there with him rubbing his belly and sang, "you are my sunshine". he lifted his hand in the air with his pointer finger pointing at the ceiling and it very slowly fell  back down to his side as he fell asleep.

he was trying to tell me something with that finger. he was rubbing it in my face that being ONE is right around the corner. im sure of it!

but for now lets just focus on all of the many new tricks corbin has learned this past month! like clapping! i'd been practicing with him every morning for weeks. i would sing, "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands" and the abc's while clapping. and then i would sing it again but i would clap his hands together and one morning he just did it! and he hasn't stopped since. most times if i say, "yaaaaaay!" or sing the, "if you're happy and you know it" song he will clap. and sometimes he just does it on his own. cutest. thing. ever. he can also do the hand motion for waving but he does that just whenever he wants. not when we're saying, "hi" or, "bye-bye" to someone. he copies us when we stick our tongue in and out, smack our lips, and click our tongue. 
he knows the word, 'bite" and will come running from anywhere in the house to get whatever it is im feeding him. if you make a huge production when he sneezes, and by huge production i mean saying,, "bless you" really loud while throwing your arms in the air, then he will fake sneeze forever after that until i get tired of being a spaz and direct his attention elsewhere. and his newest thing is copying stomping on the floor. it looks like he's running in place kind of. or marching. its so funny to watch his little legs try to pound down on the floor loud enough to make a noise. here he's studying his dad doing it.

he's mastered crawling but only does it when he's trying to get somewhere to pull up and then off he goes walking. and while i am so proud of corbin for going straight to walking i feel like i missed out on the cuteness that would have been crawling corbin! so whenever he does it i love to watch him!
he loves watching big trucks drive by and riding on the tractor with his great grandma nana! he'll go straight to the window when he hears a noise that sounds anything like a tractor does.
his favorite toys are shoes, ziploc bags, the garbage can, his wooden alphabet blocks and this tupperware lid.
he's figured out how to open drawers and cupboards and loves all the new things he can explore!
so we made him a drawer of his own! i really wish we had room to make him his own cupboard though. i could really see him loving going inside it and closing the door since he's recently started liking going into his closet in his room.
{ps. ryan, next time you're looking for your playstation controller i would check out corbin's drawer!}
corbin pretty much eats everything. besides the obvious foods babies aren't supposed to eat like honey and peanut butter. although ryan did give corbin a taste of peanut butter lately so i guess i cant use that one. new foods this month include: cucumbers, tomatoes, morning star chicken nuggets [my fave!], halibut, cod, ONE french fry,  banana bread, cherries, kiwi, crackers, smoked salmon, pork [straight from a roasted pig! eek!], goldfish crackers, and...a popcicle. it was a hot day. there was a three year around and corbin wanted one too! um, it was grape? does that make it better? and he barely ate any of it anyways. he didnt know how to hold onto the handle so it was too cold for him to hold! afterwards he was purple from head to toe! im sure he's eaten much more than just whats listed because we are always giving him bites of whatever is on our plates. his favorite foods though are: cheese, avocado, blue berries, and bananas. and he also loves chewing on the seeds of fruit like mangoes and nectarines!
i've been busting out the family-friendly cookbooks [like deceptively delicious] and trying to make more complex meals for him lately. last night i made spaghetti from scratch with whole wheat pasta and homeade sauce [a total hit! but totally messy!] and tonight is turkey meatloaf!

corbin also got a new tooth this month. [bottom, left hand side of his two middle ones]. luckily he's never really been a fussy teether but he sure drools a lot! he is scared of my blow dryer and the shower and the faucet in the bath tub all of a sudden. which makes it pretty much impossible to shower when ryan isnt home. and he's given up on the binky all by himself. he only used it while he slept but now he barely wants it even then. [yay! for not having to fight taking it from him when he's older!] he nurses four times a day. and 462 times at night. takes two naps. one usually an hour, the other two. he wears size three diapers. fits into 6-12 and 12+ size clothes. oh, and he plays pretty good by himself sometimes while mommy watches the real housewives of new jersey cleans up the house!
and i guess thats it. he's still the sweetest, cutest, happiest, baby boy ever! ryan and i ask eachother every single day how in the world could he have gotten any cuter than yesterday but somehow he does! and i dont just mean his looks. his whole personality makes him so sweet and adorable! on to my favorite pictures of the month! and time for me to start getting real about this first birthday party planning!
{father's day!}
{pretty much walks around like this all day}
{neked baby pool time!}
{oh yes i did. sorry teenager corbin!}

Sunday, July 18, 2010


i think this means he's only half okay with sleeping in his own bed.
{and just look at that tummy chub!}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

saturday fun!

saturday was a busy day for us. up first was ryan's company picnic at lake tapps where we enjoyed lunch and some fun at the many bouncy houses!
because it was a colder day there was no getting in the water for us so after we played and ate we left so corbin could get a good nap in before our next adventure.
the honeysett family annual pig roast! [ew! but it was fun introducing corbin to so much of his family that he's never even met before!] 
and corbin loved listening to these guys playing their guitars and singing. he would walk right over and stand in the middle of them!
when we got home, ryan started the bbq [because neither of us will eat pork straight off a freshly roasted big! so sad and way too gross to think about] and i gave corbin a bath. he loves the big tub!
then it was off to sleep.
up next...tomorrow corbin turns ELEVEN MONTHS OLD! someone please tell me how this happened?

Monday, July 12, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

jess over at irocksowhat [whose blog i totally love and am so happy i found and she has one of the cutest little boys EVER!] tagged me to take pictures of my favorite things around the house. i honestly dont have any style when it comes to decorating. i'd love to have my house look like the pages of a pottery barn catalog i just have no idea how to do it. or money for that matter!
clockwise: cutest little hold-everything basket, picture of me and my dog sadie [one of my most favorite pictures of me growing up], the cutest chickens in my kitchen, artwork in corbins bedroom.
left to right: my fridge covered in my favorite pictures and magnets and an urban outfitters hook i spray painted black.
clockwise: the top of corbins dresser, a picture of the original starbucks in my kitchen my mom bought me at a thrift store,  my backyard! [which is really my husbands parents yard two houses down but still], my basket of yarn and sewing/crocheting box that dont get used often enough.
now i tag:
last train to pooksville

as i was putting these pictures together my husband was in the room playing video games and was all, "what is that stuff for?" and i told him and he said, "well why arent you taking pictures of my tv? or my xbox? or the toilet? or the case of pepsi in the fridge?" guys are so weird!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

look what just came in the mail!

um, this whole first birthday thing sure is getting to me. it was fine as i sat by myself at the kitchen table making decorations but when other people THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW start sending me crap like this in the mail-thats when i realized i cant stop this. corbin is turning one whether i want to believe it or not.
i find it funny that i enjoy my birthdays, whether im getting old or not. and never understood why people hate getting older because we have no control over it, so why not just enjoy the time. but here i am living in denial that in less than two months i am going to have a one year old. so i've decided that im going to stop worrying about it. and get excited about it. soak up every second. because theres nothing i can do to stop it.

Friday, July 09, 2010

fun in the sun days!

splashing around at the pool!
playing at the spray park!
falling asleep before we even leave the parking lot!
relaxing by the river!
hanging out at lake tapps!
and sleeping with your shirt off and fans blowing full blast!
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