Saturday, June 19, 2010

wedding blog hop!

so im a few days late. i dont tweet. but i'm joining the blog hop any-ole'-ways!
my wedding was the most perfect day of my whole life. full of all the family and friends we loved the most. beautiful weather. amazing scenery. delicious food. singing and dancing. tons and tons of love. i could never have asked for a better day. i only wish i remembered it better. its crazy how long you spend planning a single day. and then like that, its done. you're married. rushing off to your honeymoon. [in mexico with your un-invited guest hurricane john. oh, thats just us?! hhmmm...]

we were married on august twenty sixth, two thousand six. two months shy of our first date four years earlier. i'd hoped from the second i layed eyes on ryan that he would be "the one".

and he was.

with my sister and niece by my side and two of ryans oldest childhood friends [i wish i wouldnt have made him chose only two. he would have had four of his best buds but i didnt want it to be "uneven". now i think that was silly of me!]
the day is so blurry in my mind. ryan stayed the night at his parents the night before [yes we living together before we were married!] and i remember peeking out the curtains to see him once i finally made my way down to his parents house [we were married in their front yard] and getting butterflies. i was so in love with him and felt so lucky to have met him when i did. and so lucky that he was in love with me just as much as i was head over heels in love with him.

the ceremony was short and sweet. our vows loving and homeade.
and the first kiss as mister and misses was perfect! and all the others that followed...but we wanted to celebrate!
and that we did. the food was delicious. the wedding cake to die for. the toasts so heartfelt and emotional. our first dance so romantic.
the dj sang karaoke to most songs. the others he had fancy hand jive dances too. at first i freaked out but it was so funny i had to just let it go and enjoy the craziness! my husband and his friends even joined in the fun by the end of the night.
i always tell ryan i want to marry him over and over and over again.


  1. 1. i love your dress
    2. i love pink!
    3. i love that your wedding was in the yard
    4. i love that you guys love each other so much!

  2. you were such a lovely bride. i LOVE your dress :)

  3. The *dress*! SO pretty! Your day looks like it was so much fun :)

  4. So fun! I love that it was at such an awesome intimate spot & that yall wrote your vows. I knew I'd never be able to last tearfree for those!


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